Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope its fun and festive for your families. I am glad for the cold weather that has made it feel like Christmas, the peppermint hot cocoa that has made it taste like Christmas, and all the lights that make it look like Christmas. I am especially glad that I have such fantastic family, near and far, and that I have my own wonderful little family that delights me so often, and vexes me maybe oftener. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and wish I were better at sharing. I have good friends and everything I need. What else could I ask for? Well, I am sure that Collin would say I am a little more demanding than I am letting on. So have a great holiday and be safe and know that I am having a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As if ONCE isn't enough..

So, I am sleeping peacefully in my bed, when lo and behold, I hear, "Mommy? Mommy? I need some help." Well, Sam had too much koolaid and not enough bathroom time. Apparently. Unfortunately for me, I had piled every extra blanket on his bed, and had to dig to strip it. Seriously, work like that at 1:30 am is enough to make anyone cuss. I refrained, but then I must have been really in control when at 6:05 am, I hear, "Mommy, I think I wet your bed." Isn't there a rule about only one accident a night? Is it really possible that he is so tired (that was his excuse) that he can't wake himself up? I mean I have nightmares about finding toilets. Always have. For example, I am searching for a bathroom, and I find one! Yay! I walk in and it appears to be a locker room or maybe even a dressing room of some sort, and there are like 50 toilets randomly placed around the room. No privacy (who would want that?) and I never can find a clean or functioning pot. Or they are so large, I don't dare sit on it, because I could fit my whole family in that thing. Well, I don't dream about leaving important and very neccessary articles of clothing anywhere but on me, I dream about gross, unwelcoming toilets. I wonder if Samuel does. He no longer likes "SAM" by the way. That isn't what they call him at school, you know. Well, off to bed I go, and if I my sleep gets disturbed, you will know about it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monster Baby

So if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep a 2.5 year old in his bed, will you let me know? I have used up all the ingenuity that I can muster, and need ideas!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I should go Pro

Attention! Attention!!!! Everyone, I want to announce that I finally found what I am really good at. Do any of you ever feel the need to be really good at something? Like that one thing that you are known amongst your friends for? Well, indeed you should congratulate me hardily! I found mine. I am fantastic at botching a good haircut. Sam's in particular. I should get an award for giving a child the most haircuts in 24 hours.

The days of wild hair are back. Its official, I stink at cutting hair. Too bad for my kids that I am cheap. My hair is proof. I won't horrify you with pictures.

Pumpkin Patch at School

Well, Samuel participated in the annual pumpkin patch at his school. Let me just say that this is a family affair. It is expected that the parents help. And Sam painted and help mold things, but Collin and I did the majority of the labor. It was a fantastic family project. I was sad to find out that we did not win anything. The build up was so great, and alas, my dreams were dashed. Its okay. He was more excited about the box of candy he got for participating (I won mom!) than the savings bond.
There were tons of cute pumpkins, and the cutest decorations. Hahahah.
One day I will get over it, but it won't be today.

I feel like a new woman now that the Halloween events are over. Though my counter is still full of junk, and the laundry mountain grows ever more treacherous. Jacob is sitting up and learning some eating skills. Cooper has learned to be annoying and loves to read his favorite book "It's Potty Time!" and Sam is learning all about letters and Star Wars. If I could harness his desire for that into the Book of Mormon, we would be set.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eight Years, Who's Counting?

So this is all I could dig up. My faves were not available. They were at the bottom of the photolanche I experienced whilst digging these bad boys out. I don't know how to be serious so I am not writing anything like that. Just thought you dolls might like to see what we looked like PreK.

I do have a great hubby and a fantastic family, I am grateful. That is our first date at chuckecheeses, if anyone wants to know.

Hot Pizza: Come and Get It.

So our eight year anniversary was yesterday, and if I get super crazy, I might dig out a picture so that you can see how my hair is still the same. JK.
Collin had to work late, and things are super craze around here so we decided to celebrate with crunchings and munchings another night.

Auntie Eve came over and she ordered pizza. After a while, I heard a very persistent horn honking. I looked out the window, saw the driver in the car, and thought, "Well, the porch light isn't on, maybe she is scared." A good option, I am scared of the dark, maybe she is too. Well she seemed stuck. Fozen by fright perhaps? Nope.
Well, she started yelling something and Eve went out. For a while. I heard the lady say a few things, but thought they sounded out of place and was sure I misheard. Then Eve came back in with the pizza. The lady had been honking for a while, said she.
Any guesses why she couldn't deliver it to my door herself? Apparently Pizza Hut only delivers to the driveway. The delivery gal said she couldn't get her WALKER out of the back because of the hill and the dark. Awesome.
I wasn't put out, but it was amusing and a first. Apparently its hard to get young drivers with the gas prices.
I think its great she's out there doing something. I am also glad for the laugh. Pizza Hut doesn't discriminate, but it's lucky I didn't need a walker to get to the driveway.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break Camping Trip

You might ask where is Sam on this fantastic vacation of ours? We sold him for some silver. No, he was either taking the pictures or running with the kids from the neighboring campsite. He is in many pics, but I am not willing to expose myself in such a way to the general public. Much to many's ridicule, we camped nearby at Blue Springs. We had never been together with the kids, and we had never used out tent, so it was a practice run. It worked out really well after I got done being mad about everything not being done my way.

Jacob was a superb camper he first day and a half. Then he stopped taking naps and serenaded the campers with his wailing. Sam is always happy to leave us. He informed me that the neighbor's campsite was cooler because they had a big truck and a trailer behind it. And a dog. Well, he will never think we are exciting if that is his criteria.

Cooper was obsessed with a stray cat, and wanted to know all about where it was going to drink milk from a bowl and see it's mommy. He has no fear and wandered wherever he wanted. Very glad we weren't right by the water.
My awesome cook of a husband is wearing my tee shirt. Why won't he wear my jeans? They are men's. Well, not those, but anyway, he cooked everything for us and I had never cooked a hot dog on a fire before. When you make a comment like that, people (Collin) think you know nothing about camping. Not true. I am an expert camper. I mean, I do know how to burn marshmallows.
And yes, that is Jacob sleeping outside of the tent. He loved it in and out. He did fuss some, that had everything to do with his tummy and not the camping. We had a great time, the weather was perfect, and our kids loved it. And it started with a fight. Sounds like a family vacation to me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freeze Tag

To: Monique Phipps

I don't mind the tag, however, I would rather have done the other one!

6 Quirks of Amanda (only 6? I have ten times that!)

1. When I am done eating, everyone is done eating. This one is unfortunate for Collin because, He usually isn't done because he was cooking or holding a babe aloft. When I swallow that last bite, I set to cleaning up and moving on to the next item of business, whatever that may be. This was brought to my attention on our camping trip, so I resolve to improve.

2. I debate and debate when spending money. When I was in high school, my momacita gave me some money ("to buy sombrero and some papaya, lets go to carnival and dance the night away"*) to buy clothes and shoes. I walked the mall for at least three hours trying to decide which shoes were the best deal. The best look for the best price. I spent $50 on my shoes. The difference was only $5. Was that time worth the $5? Then I drove down the road and dropped $115 on a pair of Birkenstocks. No bargaining there. Still, I debate and its usually about $3 or less savings. Hours of scouring the internet, just to be able to say, "I got a deal!"

3. I don't like to talk to people. I will way out of my way to not talk to people. I can write notes, and email, but I am a social coward.

4. I am a color nazi (thank Collin for this one). Indeed, I do not have matching skills for my own clothes or my boys, but Collin's are equal to mine. He wears this one shirt ( blue, black and white plaid) with brown pants. To me it doesn't match, but I get questoined constantly about matching clothes. I can't even tell black from navy blue, butI insist other people's clothes match.

5. I am a know it all. I try really hard not to be, but I can't help it if I know everything about everything!!! I find myself inserting comments where common sense should tell me to stop. Before its all over, I usually have to stop the conversation and say " You know, I don't really know if that is true. Sorry about that."

6. I have a very distorted memory. I remember things very different than they really occurred. Like this: "Hey Collin, remember when I used to eat so healthy? Nothing but veggies and fruit all day and then fantastically balanced meals? And I excersized like everyday? Really you don't remember it? It was like when Sam was a baby, and it was awesome." Well, if we really examine the situation, I felt like it was two months, but it was less than two weeks. Great resolve I have, huh? I can't believe that he didn't remember those 11 days of our almost 8 year marriage, while he was in scholl and working 3 jobs. Deadbeat.

Here are the rules:
Link the person who tagged you
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Tell about 6 quirks of yours
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
Leave a comment to let them know

I tag the unfortunate following:
Lindsay Lo
Huggy Bear

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Read on!

It is my secret desire to be thought of as "well read". I just wanted to say good luck to Katie with your reading race. I love to read, and when I worked I read about a hundred books that year. It was the year of the classics and my discovery of Harry Potter, and apparently I have only worked for one year in my life. Not true. But close. However, I am quite sure I have spent more time reading than working. I did have a huge audio book phase, so I am not as negligent as it sounds. Well, Cooper wants to read all of the time. I am sure that many can relate to my woes. He wants to read the same book time and time again, using the same gusto and excitement and dramatics every time. I am happy to foster this love of books, but lets read something else! I think I can still recite There's a Wocket in my Pocket from my days as a nanny.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Samuel is super picky about food. He gets it from me. I can relate to him and so I am too kind in that area. I used to be afraid of foods that were what I deemed unusual. Mayo still gets my adrenaline pumping, but I am getting better. I will not stand down with that one, though.
So Sam won't eat sandwiches. For lunch he takes lunch meat instead of a sandwich. He keeps singing this song about peanut butter and jelly, so I am hoping this is making it less evil in his foodie mind, and that the shackles will eventually fall from his stubborn foodie heart.

Soccer Days

I am not wild about going to soccer and I will jump for joy when it's over. But its not so bad once the donkey is unpacked and we are sitting on the sidelines. Sam is a little more aware of what's going on and likes it and scored a goal even. He insisted on these poses and though they may be awkward, he as perfectly cooperative. This is proof that I was there. Maybe i will photoshop a sweater on my body so I can have "proof" for the next game too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Put down the scissors and walk away!

Well, I have a bad habit of cutting my hair. Its not so bad that I do it, but I will admit, I have had perpetual bad hair since I have been married. That's because I am CHEAP! Well, everyday I want to cut my hair, and the only reason I don't is because the bathroom is clean and I don't really want to mess it up. The real problem is this: When I cut my own hair, I feel "licensed" to cut it anytime I want, be it every week, every day, or three times a day. So good haircuts turn into bad haircuts because I like to cut. I still need the sign on my mirror: "Put down the scissors, and walk away!"

This all comes up because, as some of you may have noticed, my hair is ridiculously long for me. I like it, and know that I will never grow it out again, so I don't want to cut it yet. But I get the itch to, nearly everyday. I also secretly dream of it frolicking behind me like Brook Shields' hair, unfortunately I am a few stylists short. I do hate the way my post partum hair is all over the floor, and wraps around my armpits when I sleep or throw a ball. I also really like to find it wrapped around Jacob's neck. Its so gross! Then I have all of these wild gray things freaking out all over the place. Go gray or go away. Gray at 29. That would be something. Oh, wait its already doing that! I need some of that old man comb in stuff. Mmmm. Then I can be greasy, too. Then my scissors won't work.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stacks and stacks

So I have a small organizational problem, and I welcome tips, advice, criticism, etc from you all, even my fellow blog stalkers. I can't stop piling stuff. I walked into my room and the bassinet that used to be full of Jacob is now full of goodwill items and miscellaneous clothing. Maybe I wouldn't just throw it over there if there were an immediate consequence, such as the towel being sucked into a vortex, never to be seen again. Actually, that could be handy. However, I have always thought of myself as a fantastic housekeeper. Much like I think of my days in college as never ending fun. I obviously forgot falling asleep in the library trying to cram for a test, making myself sick from lack of sleep and bending over the desk just so. Or the boys that wouldn't kiss me when I was practically begging them to, only to be ditched for some other less devoted gal. Or the knee surgery (the semester I had 4 PE classes), and crutchin it to class in the snow. So my point is that I have been deluding myself about my housekeeping skills. Sure, I have had a few good runs in the past nearly 8 years. But I have spent the majority of that time fighting against clutter (I think I will picket in front of my house tomorrow). I do great for a while then I want to live my life, but I can't figure out how to do stuff like grocery shopping and keep my house clean. I need an amah. I know I have to stop acquiring stuff, or at least slow the pace. I cannot turn down free furniture. Unless it is hideous. I cannot part with toys. Even if they collectively cost me ten bucks. If we were nudists, that would eliminate the vast majority of the clutter. My kids practically are nudists. If I could just get them to stop saying embarrassing things, maybe we could try that. (Nice back hair. I like your back hair!) Well, since that doesn't seem to be an option, I guess I will just have to get a bigger house. Ha. Or get rid of more stuff. Hey, if anyone wants free junk, come by sometime. Maybe I should put a little stand out in the front yard: "Free Junk to a Good Home".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I forgot this one (Collin's Fave)

Bytheway, it's

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its a good thing I don't gamble.

Well, I don't gamble in casinos, but I do enter drawings and occasionally make bets with food prizes. And I play cards. On Sunday. But sorry Miss Bart, not for money.
So, I am unwrapping caramels for a cheesecake, and I had to test one. Before I had even sunk my nonvampire teeth in completely, I was unwrapping the next one. Its a habit. I guess its like the cereal thing, except I always had candy when I was a kid. No reason to be greedy, except for my greedy and addictive personality.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Please check your sanity at the door

WARNING: The following is merely a combination of racquetball and ranting, so if you have recently been questioning your own personal level of sanity or insanity, it might make you feel a bit better.

I have the Happy Birthday song from Beginning French stuck in my head: Bon Anniversaire, Gustave! Better that than the expletives that I remember from the last book I had to boycott. Come On! Is all of that language really necessary? However, it's easier to overlook when they are in french. Like my favorite book ever, is full of french expletives, but I didn't pick up on it until near the end. I was really in denial because I had to finish it. It was the The Three Muskateer saga if anyone wants to know. Quel age avez vous, Gustave?

I know I have had a series of plaintive posts, but I have just been in a funk. So don't read it if you don't like it. Would you like a cookie? Okay, so I have a curse. Several, in fact, but this one in particular has followed me since high school. I find something that annoys me about Thing 1. (not a reference to my oldest child) I complain about it to Thing 2. I get over it, and realize that nobody is perfect. Two months later, guess who can't make it on time to church? Thing me. Its always stupid stuff like the way people trim their azalea bushes, or leave their shoes all over the house, or let their kids run wild in church (ha, those are my kids). SO whatever affliction I find someone else has, I suddenly come down with it too. I hate learning to be nice by such force! The problem would go away if I were truly charitable which I am not (but desperately want to be). Charity. Can't I buy that on Not even with Shrute bucks? IF only it were so easy to get the qualities I want, like the one where I don't act like Judge Judy?

Speaking of Dwight Shrute, Samuel was playing in their bedroom and was trying to show his piggy bank off, and pulled the whole shelf down. The contents of which were thus: 2 Piggy Banks holding $2 each (sad, i know), a wad of stuffed animals that I never could part with and slyly gave them to Sam, and two Troy State bobbleheads. I have never heard such crying in my life. Collin's poor bobblehead. Just kidding. Well, it was broke, as everyone says now, but Sam was the one who was distraught. That is all connected to Dwight Shrute because 1) all i can think of is him when i see a bobblehead, and 2) he has a mii on our wii.

I am putting off the dishes, the closet that I didn't finish yesterday, showering (due to extra kids at my casa), and cleaning the filters on my vacuum cleaner. I did make the most delicious pizza ever last night, and didn't clean up completely. Its hindering my lunch cooking abilities Sam always tells me that his legs made him do it. So I guess I will have to let my hands make me do it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to My Offspring

I do love my boys and almost every ounce of trouble they get into. Its funny most of the time. Its much amusing when it's Collin chasing them. I only very occasionally feel plagued by them, like when this happens:

I am at Sam's Club eating pizza and there are like 6 men and a lady with a big dog in training that my kids are scared of at the tables surrounding us. Jacob is starving even though I just fed him right before we left, so I am nursing Jacob. Then Cooper decides it would be nice to sit by me, on me, or on top of Jacob, while holding the huge soda cup they give you. Then Sam decides its a good time to smother Jacob in kisses, and is knocking Cooper out of the way in the process; soda is sloshing and milk is going everywhere because Jacob thinks they are excessively funny. All the while trying to keep covered, which I promise no hooter hider could help here. Maybe if they made a lactation lounger (big enough for the whole family!).

How can you get through that happily without loving your kids enough not to smack them? Amazingly, that happens too. The loving part is easy, its the not smacking that makes me feel like I have accomplished something great. I guess I feel more pressure for them to behave at church where people know his name, and mine. Oh why did I ever use to torment my mother? If I had known what awaited me, I would have chosen different ways to embarrass her.

So I know I make it sound like my kids only get on my nerves, but the truth is, they are really sweet and funny, and I am fairly addicted.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anyone need a Super hero?

So, its been a while. I seem to read that a lot on blogs. Well, it has been a while, and so while I try to think of the funniest thing to share, for the sake of sharing, and also so that the "look a like o meter" isn't taking top billing any longer.

While this picture looks cute, I might add, I assure that no one went to sleep there. They all got sent to a bed. Cooper would not sleep, Sam would not let Saxton sleep, and Saxton was the only one who wanted to sleep.

Sam, like all of the other children who share his fate, started Kindergarten recently. Tomorrow will be his first full day, and he is full of questions about how long school will take. (The rest of your juvenile life and then some!) He is currently obsessed with the waste of time that he thinks nap time will be. A waste of time because he won't be playing in the toys or something. My favorite thing he has said so far is, "Mom, Kindergarten is making me sick." Too bad he tries to use that one as an excuse to stay home from church.
My questions for any readers with advice are these:
1) How do get him to stop fidgeting? and
2) At what point am I allowed to turn my head and pretend none of it is happening?
Just kidding. But seriously need suggestions. Like, I would love to ignore the fact that he is running through the chapel during the meeting, and playing on the stage, whipping the curtains around, (where the speakers can see, of course) and flying power rangers through primary. Insanity is a side effect of having kids, right?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bumbo I need opinions...

Has anyone used one of these? I am trying to figure out if it worth it. They are like $35.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My childhood misconceptions

I have been a little nostalgic lately, and with all of the good things I remember from childhood/adolescence like my bug and 80's rock. At some time most of us realize things that we thought were true, as children (or in my case, a teen) are not quite what we thought. Here are some of mine: (Sorry if you already heard these)

1. WWI and WWII. I thought that stood for War War I and War War II. In fact, I was very confused in the 10th grade when I kept reading "world war" in the history book. I realized this recently.
2. I thought that the actor who played "Goose" in Top Gun actually died making the movie.
3. I thought the Flinstone's lived inside my television.
4. My sister had a switch glued to her glove box that read "Warp Drive", and when I switched it she would make her car go crazy. I thought it was real.
5. Every grown man has killed at least one person. (I deduced this from watching a lot of TV.)
6. I thought the woods near our house rained coins. (My brother told me so and he did have a lot of coins!)
7. When asked who I thought should have won the civil war, I responded "Who was in the civil war?"
8. I thought that I switched my legs. I thought this until I realized it really was impossible. It must have been a dream.
9. In Florida, occasionally you will see a bear crossing sign. I thought it meant polar bears.
10. When I was 8, I thought my baby sitter was the same age as my mom. My calculation say that she must have been about 16.
11. I thought I was rich. I overheard my friend's father say "I am broke!" to which I responded, "I have twenty dollars!"

That's all I can think of right now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Amanda, the truth

Huggy Bear (I can't resist) tagged me to share a few traits about myself that are less desirable. I hope this doesn't turn into a pseudo psychology session. Alliteration intended.
As I think over things that are unflattering about myself, I have to look from other's point of view. Or else this turns into a session of self abuse, which I am very good at.

number one: I am and always have been guilty of drinking out of the milk jug. Now that Sam's has changed to their industrial looking jugs, not so much. However, I have tried it, and I am sad to say that I poured milk all down the front of my shirt. Great, now its covered in two kinds of milk. Collin despises this practice. In fact he was doing something that I found reproachable, and he countered with "I'll quit, if you will stop drinking out of the milk jug." I seriously had to consider this.

number two: I can't stand inefficiency. If there is a shorter way to get somewhere, and the driver goes the long way, I cringe and have to coach myself. "IT WILL BE OKAY!" If I take the wrong road and end up ten minutes late when I could have been early, I berate myself. This is why I constantly race people and they don't know it. When I learn a shortcut in photoshop and see someone do it the hard way, I want to shake them and convince them that there is a faster way!!! By the way, I can fit more into my dishwasher than anyone else!

number three: I am greedy with cereal. When I was a kid, I spent the night at my neighbor's house, and in the morning we had Froot Loops. I couldn't get enough. We never had those, and I ate them until her mom said 'no more'. Embarrassed, I was. In high school, we had a health day in PE, and someone brought a box of Apple Jacks, and I ate most of it. But I was shoveling it into my mouth like I never got fed. I know my softball coach must have thought that I had a problem, but my mom didn't buy that stuff (and for good reason-though you can guess that I do). One time I skipped school, and begged my bro-in-law to take me to the store to buy CEREAL. Who wants to eat cereal when they are skipping school? Granted, I am glad that was all the hi jinks I was trying, but still?!? So when I went off to Ricks, I always had good cereal, but not as much as my neighbors. They had a shopping cart in their apartment, full of boxes.

That is all I care to divulge at this moment. Your turn.


Ants love me. Apparently I am the "bees knees" with the local ant populace. Well, they love my kitchen, and my sink. And the food particles that are left on the dishes I didn't do last night. They don't seem to like 409, it kind of kills them or disables them or something. So, since I have many arms (and no ant spray) that pull me to do other things like feed babies, make chocolate milk, and start movies (and avoid the situation by doing this), I have sprayed a perimeter of 409 around the sink and in all sorts of places so that they cannot migrate to my cabinets.

Recently Collin killed a colony in my car, my outside trash can and in the driveway. Collin is the ant killer. I tried to kill some in the yard once, and have not been able to do it again. It was like pesticide. Great work honey. You really are my hero. Ants beware. The love is not returned.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sam is hilarious and naughty

Well, its a known fact that Sam is wild and hyper. He ran out of sacrament meeting today, against my desires, and disapparated, or so it seemed. I yodeled into the bathroom for him, but no answer. Car? Noway. Throwing rocks at the car? Nope. On Troy Wikle's motorcycle? Not that brave. Well, after the meeting was over, I was hanging out outside of the boys' bathroom (I heard a click that sounded like a lock being slid into place), my favorite past time; I was waiting for a male to walk by that would (throttle) ask him to come out. Brother Jones walks through and this is the conversation:

Bro Jones: "Sam, your mom wants you to come out!"
Sam: "Who are you?"
Bro Jones:"I am brother Jones."
Sam: "Hey! I saw you in a movie! You're Indiana Jones!"

I thought is was hilarious, and I was glad that Bro Jones thought so too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Collin is the best.

Collin went to buy ant spray, and brought home a Wii Fit for me. Its FANTASTIC! The search is over.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I just bought diapers on the internet.

I love shopping for stuff on the internet. I would very much like to find a Wii Fit for normal retail value. I just don't have it in me to drive to every store, every day that they get a shipment just to find out that "We had three last night", or "That woman just got the last one, sorry!" Well, this is how my most recent trip to Circuit City went:

I had an appointment to get my new radio installed. (And of course, "we will be getting a shipment tomorrow" rang in my ears) Well, I didn't know that you could use the back door, so I drag all three kids in via the stroller. Cooper insists on riding in one of these car stroller things, which conveniently Sam wants to push. Bad idea. Many of the end caps, three to be exact, are missing pieces and or have crunched ones. He really tried. We got to the back, only to find out that I needed to pack my kids back in the car to take my car around back. I should have called first, but unfortunately I have a complex about phones right now. One the way out, Cooper nearly rips the hair out of my head in protest. He likes the car stroller, after all. Sam is in hysterics about a nerds rope I wish I had not denied him. What is 79 cents when your child is having a melt down, and you are all alone?

I did intend to go back and check for the Wii fit, but i have banned my kids from Circuit City. I needed to return some pieces they didn't need for installation (which I could have done), but it wasn't happening that day. Well, I bought a ton of diapers on for what I thought was a fantastic deal. So at least now I don't have to drag the kids to Walmart at 7am when I am out of diapers. Instead, I can order them and wait for two days when I realize that I only have one diaper left between the two of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A True VW Experience

Well, this is the bug I drove in high school. This is a picture taken while I was away at girls' camp. I loved this car, and we had many experiences together, good and not so good. It was a '74 Superbeetle and was far superior to all others. Reasons why:
#1 An actual dash board and curved window allow for more spacious feel, not often found in a bug
#2 Beautiful white vinyl interior
#3 Attracted old men like crazy
#4 Max speed reached 105 mph
#5 Push button start, also useful as theft deterent
This is not my bug. I have only seen this bug one time, and we have also had many experiences, good and not so good.
First, we jump started the bug, then my sister drove it. All was well (if you consider 20 mph a top speed), and we stopped at my bro's and let it get good and charged up. Then mastermind that I am, had to drive, and it stalled. Then we had to push it about 1/4 mile. And part of that twice. There was a huge pile of dog drops in the road, that fortunately we missed. You may think, a bug is not so big and 1/4 mile is not that far, and it wasn't WHEN I WAS 17! I did that all alone on a few occasions, you know its easy to run out of gas or break your gas pedal. My brother set us all up after, but it wouldn't have been a true VW experience if we didn't have to push.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"The Altos" by Rebecca

This is the alto section of our ward choir. I am on the left (looking like a school marm), Monique is in the middle, and Tiffany on the right. Becca's artistry is wonderful good, jah? I secretly, well, no, openly, wanted to steal her magna doodle during choir.
Come join our choir, and you too can have your portrait done, and maybe learn a new song.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My goal PosteR

To those few of you who may have been to my home recently, you may have noticed my fab poster on my wall entitled "MY GOALS". Well, it does look like Samuel made it in primary, but, oh well. To those of you who have not been to my house, don't take it personally, i have been anti-social and can't clean my house. So my poster reads as follows:
My Goals

1. Be a fun mom
2. Practice personal hygeine
3. Have a clean environment
4. Exercise self control
5. Feel good about meself
(yes, i say it like a pirate)

1. Be a fun mom
As soon as I made this goal, I ran into the living room where the kids had pulled every cushion and blanket in the house and were jumping on it (a favorite past time of mine, though I gave it up when I bounced the wrong direction and my leg went through a glass table) well, I thought, "I will be fun". I jumped over there with the kids and tried to be a cat. They rejected me. Sam actually hid from me and claimed he was afraid. GREAT! Today, I pretend to spnak him and he thinks that is SUPER!
2. Practice personal hygeine
I can't be the only one out there who has a hard time getting a good shower. I mean a good shower in the following ways: no child is crying or present holding a crying child. So, laugh if you will, but I dream of taking showers in which I don't have to choose between washing my hair or my face, showers where the curtain stands still until I move it, and then having time to dry fix and apply as I want. And all of this before 9 am.
3. Have a clean environment
Okay, I used to be a great housekeeper all of the time. Lets say it was a little obsession I fostered. Now, I qualify maybe once a week now. And never the whole house. THE LAUNDRY IS THE ENEMY! If I am not washing it, then I am trying to put it away, or fit it on my body, or stuff it in a drawer, or Cooper likes to try to eat it, so its no good for me. Its my bane. If I could stay on top of the laundry, I could the world.
4. Exercise self control
Snacking is an addiction. Impulse shopping is an addiction. Blogging is an addiction. The computer is in the kitchen so I get sucked in real easily when I am waiting for the oven to preheat or something. Easy to snack as I blog even! I am working on that. Doesn't it seem like when you over indulge in one thing, its so much easier to do the same in others? Whether its junk food, good food, tv, reading, or email? Come now, I can't be the only one. There has to some scab pickers out there. Maybe not, but its a worthy goal nonetheless.
5. Feel good about meself
Sorry, I just kind of fizzle out, especially with all of these fancy hormones raging in my lactating body. Fancy? Sorry, been reading an amish book and I apparently have been dying to use that word. I never said I was intellgent. Just sensible. Ha. Everything goes better when I feel good, I can even do all of the above.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"I didn't know Collin was in a movie"

So my good friend gave me a magazine and said, "Hey, I knew Collin made movies at work, but I didn't know he was in the movies too."
I laughed hysterically. This guy looks like Collin with bad hair superimposed on him.
So, Collin had been having a crummy day and I emailed him this picture with a charming message. He replies: "I don't have long hair or a beard." (only because he had recently changed that) and was mad. "What the heck?" I thought.
Eventually, he thought it was funny, and even admitted that the man looks like him in this picture, and only in this picture. So, Callie, maybe this is why he seems so familiar. He's a star!

Sunday, June 15, 2008