Monday, July 14, 2008


Ants love me. Apparently I am the "bees knees" with the local ant populace. Well, they love my kitchen, and my sink. And the food particles that are left on the dishes I didn't do last night. They don't seem to like 409, it kind of kills them or disables them or something. So, since I have many arms (and no ant spray) that pull me to do other things like feed babies, make chocolate milk, and start movies (and avoid the situation by doing this), I have sprayed a perimeter of 409 around the sink and in all sorts of places so that they cannot migrate to my cabinets.

Recently Collin killed a colony in my car, my outside trash can and in the driveway. Collin is the ant killer. I tried to kill some in the yard once, and have not been able to do it again. It was like pesticide. Great work honey. You really are my hero. Ants beware. The love is not returned.


Christy said...

Mean, mean, mean ants! Get 'em all, Amanda!!!

Windy said...

pour dry grits on and around your ant beds. that'll get rid of them! The boys look adorable by the way! Miss ya!