Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Patch at School

Well, Samuel participated in the annual pumpkin patch at his school. Let me just say that this is a family affair. It is expected that the parents help. And Sam painted and help mold things, but Collin and I did the majority of the labor. It was a fantastic family project. I was sad to find out that we did not win anything. The build up was so great, and alas, my dreams were dashed. Its okay. He was more excited about the box of candy he got for participating (I won mom!) than the savings bond.
There were tons of cute pumpkins, and the cutest decorations. Hahahah.
One day I will get over it, but it won't be today.

I feel like a new woman now that the Halloween events are over. Though my counter is still full of junk, and the laundry mountain grows ever more treacherous. Jacob is sitting up and learning some eating skills. Cooper has learned to be annoying and loves to read his favorite book "It's Potty Time!" and Sam is learning all about letters and Star Wars. If I could harness his desire for that into the Book of Mormon, we would be set.


The Magonigal Family said...

that barn is darn cute!!!is the pumpkin that won in these pics?

~The Dippold's said...

Your's turned out great!! Which one won?? My guess is Mario?? But you never know what they are going to look for.