Friday, May 30, 2008

Bird Lady

This hawk was in our yard on Friday. He must have been injured, or maybe my jungle of a backyard was just very appealing to him. Then again he left us and flew across the street and hung out under their trampoline. Collin said he might fly off with Cooper, so watch out. Sam thinks we live in a bird zoo. "Boy cardinals are red" he just told me. We also have a nest in our garage that keeps getting infested with baby birds. They are great, but momma bird startles me every time I go out to do laundry, and she doesn't clean up after her babies very well.

Bed Bugs

We have three bed bugs (the kid variety). We have been sleeping for the last six weeks with a cosleeper like this right in the middle of our queen size bed. Which affords each of the other occupants, mom and dad, about a shoulders width of room each. I settled for this after continuously getting up to pop in the pacifier. Well, I cleared the laundry mountain from my cedar chest and the baby now sleeps there (in the co sleeper), and will soon graduate to the crib. Jacob is taking his very first successful nap in the crib as I type.
So last night I find myself with all three kids in bed. Five people, even if one is very small, is too much, even for me. And it is not as cozy as this advertisement shows. However, I do recommend it. Especially for smaller babes like mine. We used it tons more with Cooper. He was so little for so long, and we took it everywhere.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pope Benedict Arnold

I have been watching a lot of late night tv since my baby was born. I still cannot stop laughing at the answers that people come up with on the JayWalking clips. Not that I know all of the answers. I am the one who thought that World War II was called war war 2.

New Kids On The Block-I Love Jordan!

The New Kids on the Block are back, apparently. I saw them with my own eyes on Today. I might add that NBC strings you along for an hour or so before they deliver what they keep promising is after the next break. I made Samuel wait to watch Sesame Street so that I could see what songs they would sing. I was never the always loyal fan, but I was an obsessive 11 year old. By 12, I was embarrassed, but that went away after I went to the concert. Then I was in love with Jordan Knight all over again.
It looked like Jon and Danny were still the second string in popularity, or at least their positioning on the stage seemed to show it, as well as their faces. The girls, I mean women, in the audience were acting like 13 year olds and it was great. I was waiting for someone to shove a phone number or a five dollar bill into their pockets, or worse. I guess that would have been less than acceptable at 8am on national television, as it should be at any time. I think I actually saw one of the boys push a hand away from touching them. Well, the new kids are back, but it is kind of funny to see men that are aged 36-39 doing the dance to The Right Stuff.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspiration Strikes Out

Of course, I tried very hard to come up with a clever title for my blog, and this was the result. I preferred something else like, "Were You Raised in a Barn?" OR "Were you (or your kids) raised in a barn?" OR "Mean and Lactating: Opinions of a Hormonal Woman". I figured this was more appropriate considering all of my really entertaining stories involve my children, whom I love, and am very grateful for, but would like to give away on occasion. So, maybe something better will strike me, but for now it will do.