Saturday, July 19, 2008

My childhood misconceptions

I have been a little nostalgic lately, and with all of the good things I remember from childhood/adolescence like my bug and 80's rock. At some time most of us realize things that we thought were true, as children (or in my case, a teen) are not quite what we thought. Here are some of mine: (Sorry if you already heard these)

1. WWI and WWII. I thought that stood for War War I and War War II. In fact, I was very confused in the 10th grade when I kept reading "world war" in the history book. I realized this recently.
2. I thought that the actor who played "Goose" in Top Gun actually died making the movie.
3. I thought the Flinstone's lived inside my television.
4. My sister had a switch glued to her glove box that read "Warp Drive", and when I switched it she would make her car go crazy. I thought it was real.
5. Every grown man has killed at least one person. (I deduced this from watching a lot of TV.)
6. I thought the woods near our house rained coins. (My brother told me so and he did have a lot of coins!)
7. When asked who I thought should have won the civil war, I responded "Who was in the civil war?"
8. I thought that I switched my legs. I thought this until I realized it really was impossible. It must have been a dream.
9. In Florida, occasionally you will see a bear crossing sign. I thought it meant polar bears.
10. When I was 8, I thought my baby sitter was the same age as my mom. My calculation say that she must have been about 16.
11. I thought I was rich. I overheard my friend's father say "I am broke!" to which I responded, "I have twenty dollars!"

That's all I can think of right now.

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Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

okay that confused the heck out of me. the world war I and II thing. I read it wrong. Now I see you put War WAR. I read it World War the first time and I was like, "wait a second, I STILl think that is what it means!" I was soooo confused. Those are funny misconceptions. Haha.