Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please Validate My Ego

I used to be a person who told everyone every little thing about myself, in horrifyingly boring detail. In a way I still have this horrible habit, perhaps a little muted. Lucky readers. In thinking about my quest for validation, I realized that we all seek it. I happen to be starving for it. Whether it is the child who begs for a compliment on his school work; the girl who shows ridiculous pictures to her friends, looking for compliments; the girl who sends pictures to her dad, knowing he won't respond, the woman who can't even let her husband take a bite of his food before asking if he likes it, or maybe even the woman who cleans her house just to get the compliment. Maybe the compliments are the motive for some. If I could get people to stamp my ego like a parking validation, my insecurities would be much more discreet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten.

It is a good thing that Sam's end of the year program was today, and not last week. Good for my mascara that is. Last week, I would have been an emotional wreck, desperately trying not to spill my salty tears. Not today. Today I was even able to make normal human conversation, with one exception. Let me introduce myself, in case you don't know me:
I am Mr Jekyll Jekyll Hyde, Mr. Hyde Hyde Jekyll.

I realize that was awfully random, but the song, especially the chorus, is stuck in my head. It is also my theme song. I made it through the day, all thanks to my heart of stone! Well, this is not about my social awkwardness, but about Sam, so...

I told Sam he could take some pictures in his classroom. These were the result:

No classmates, or where he sat, tissue boxes, and I think the kitchen center too. Well, his favorite Kindergarten haunts have forever been digitized. Samuel had the same teacher that Collin had for Kindergarten. Same classroom too. I really wish I had taken a picture of Collin with Sam and his teacher. But alas, traveling parents get no such perks.

Good job Sam on making it through Kindergarten. I wish I were in Kindergarten. Well, not really. I am happy to be 30. And not in danger of being put in time out, which I most certainly deserve! And really, is the cap and gown necessary? It is cute I suppose.

Where oh Where did my humor go?

I was reading through some older posts, looking for a morsel of info, and decided that this blog has taken the picture trail, which was not intended. My intent was to show everyone how much fun I have on an hourly basis. Actually it was an exercise to write and let people read if they were so very fortunate to stumble upon my golden words. Pictures started forcing their way onto the pages via Peer Pressure. And I like it, so long as I still am funny.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How are ya likin' all the rain?

Cooper thinks it is his personal responsibility to bring mud into the house. He swept my car with the same broom with which he cleaned the flooded sidewalk. Thank you Cooper. I now remember why I didn't plant anything I cared about in my flowerbeds. They flood like crazy when it rains. I hope my tomatoes, and other less important things, survive! I did get my very first tomato on Monday, but I ate it and forgot to take a picture. At least I succeeded in growing one tomato!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tattle Tale

Cooper said he thirsty, ran to the fridge, said he wanted milk, and got it out.
Not unusual.
When I looked again, he was chugging, a very nearly empty jug of milk.
As you see.

Cute you might say.
When questioned by his father,
Cooper stated: I was drinking milk. Like Mommy.
Way to give me away, kid!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days like these...

Make me INSANE!

Luckily I have wonderful friends who make it better, and also make me realize that is just a bad day, and NOT the end of the world.
Top 10 things of Yesterday:

10. Samuel screaming & crying for 30 minutes before school because I ate the last piece of pizza that he was hoping to eat for breakfast.

9. Jacob has been on antibiotics for his never-ending ear infections, and thus has the most horrible diaper rash he has had yet. I love changing a screaming baby's diaper! It's super!

8. Going shopping for food and plants, only to realize that I cannot find my wallet, after ringing it all up.

7. Jacob figured out how to mutilate my basil plant.

6. Cooper digging up all of my new plants and gouging all of the blooms off with his shovel.

5. Coming home from choir at 9 pm, in hopes that my children were sound asleep, only to find that every last one of them was still awake. 1/3 of which were crying.

4. Being thwarted at every attempt to make it to the quilt shop.

3. Stepping in milk that Jacob spilled all over my carpeted kitchen.

2. Being Wendy Whiner all day. I really did have to stretch to find all ten of these. BECAUSE I did have a lot of lovely things too!

1. Cooper* locking himself, Jacob, my keys, and my cell phone in the hot car at 1:oo in the hot afternoon.**

*Cooper is re-banned from playing in the car, as most kids should be. He has been banned before. He filled my tape deck with pennies. He has left the lights on at least 3 times and killed my battery, and has tried spraying the hose inside. Thankyou Cooper for all of your help!

**Sorry no pictures of the 2 police officers, and the cussing locksmith that were racing to get my kids out of the car.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Seriously, this is the only face that Cooper ever makes.
He is such a "pretty" child as people in waiting rooms
describe him; he just does not photograph well.
I blame it on my camera.
I am also aware that I do not use the
correctly, and I would be happy to be educated on that.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Way to Go Collin!

Collin won first place in Army Aviation Magazine's photo contest, as well as an honorable mention. Good job sweetie!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Three Muskateers

The Three Muskateers is being performed as we speak, at the Shakespeare Festival. Through the month of May and a week of June. I am planning on attending this fine event, even if alone, but if anyone would like to accompany me, please say so!

Monday, May 11, 2009