Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My goal PosteR

To those few of you who may have been to my home recently, you may have noticed my fab poster on my wall entitled "MY GOALS". Well, it does look like Samuel made it in primary, but, oh well. To those of you who have not been to my house, don't take it personally, i have been anti-social and can't clean my house. So my poster reads as follows:
My Goals

1. Be a fun mom
2. Practice personal hygeine
3. Have a clean environment
4. Exercise self control
5. Feel good about meself
(yes, i say it like a pirate)

1. Be a fun mom
As soon as I made this goal, I ran into the living room where the kids had pulled every cushion and blanket in the house and were jumping on it (a favorite past time of mine, though I gave it up when I bounced the wrong direction and my leg went through a glass table) well, I thought, "I will be fun". I jumped over there with the kids and tried to be a cat. They rejected me. Sam actually hid from me and claimed he was afraid. GREAT! Today, I pretend to spnak him and he thinks that is SUPER!
2. Practice personal hygeine
I can't be the only one out there who has a hard time getting a good shower. I mean a good shower in the following ways: no child is crying or present holding a crying child. So, laugh if you will, but I dream of taking showers in which I don't have to choose between washing my hair or my face, showers where the curtain stands still until I move it, and then having time to dry fix and apply as I want. And all of this before 9 am.
3. Have a clean environment
Okay, I used to be a great housekeeper all of the time. Lets say it was a little obsession I fostered. Now, I qualify maybe once a week now. And never the whole house. THE LAUNDRY IS THE ENEMY! If I am not washing it, then I am trying to put it away, or fit it on my body, or stuff it in a drawer, or Cooper likes to try to eat it, so its no good for me. Its my bane. If I could stay on top of the laundry, I could the world.
4. Exercise self control
Snacking is an addiction. Impulse shopping is an addiction. Blogging is an addiction. The computer is in the kitchen so I get sucked in real easily when I am waiting for the oven to preheat or something. Easy to snack as I blog even! I am working on that. Doesn't it seem like when you over indulge in one thing, its so much easier to do the same in others? Whether its junk food, good food, tv, reading, or email? Come now, I can't be the only one. There has to some scab pickers out there. Maybe not, but its a worthy goal nonetheless.
5. Feel good about meself
Sorry, I just kind of fizzle out, especially with all of these fancy hormones raging in my lactating body. Fancy? Sorry, been reading an amish book and I apparently have been dying to use that word. I never said I was intellgent. Just sensible. Ha. Everything goes better when I feel good, I can even do all of the above.


Clint~Katie~Morgan said...

I think all of those are very reasonable goals. Good luck with the shower though. I've got one kid and only manage to get a good shower in about every other day. I can't imagine how it'd be with 3! Most the time if I don't get a shower its because I'm just too darn tired and unmotivated to do anything with myself. I hope I'm not the only mom like that!

Dan & Holly said...

Those are good goals. I don't have kids but I think we all get a little overwhelmed in our lives!! Let me know if I can help you out with the laundry sometime. :)

amanda said...

Actually, Cooper is the major snag in the shower/ grooming gig. He wants to be apart of everything!

Jessica said...

Ooh....a good shower. That sounds almost exotic these days. If you can figure out how to accomplish that list I'll pay you to come and help me!

Griffiths said...

You are not alone. I am totally with you on the laundry thing. It seems to be another ugly cycle that never ends! I think all Mother's have all your same goals & blogging is a bitter sweet (so fun to stay in touch with everyone, yet so addicting which just adds to me not getting anything done)

Troy and Rebekah said...

Very sensible goals. Nothing like striving for perfection. If you are Baila May Gray and in Sunbeams then you already are perfect and can go to the temple unlike the rest of her cohorts. Funny girl! Just repeat these three words with me three times daily and you'll be on your way to perfection...Amanda is Amazing!
P.s. Troy says hello!

Carissa said...

My list of goals would be similar to this- if I sat down and made one. Except that my list would be at least twice as long, which is why I am afraid to start!

Alyson said...

This is my first time to your blog. It looks great! I especially related to the laundry thing. It is hands-down my least favorite chore and piles of the stuff often end up on my bedroom floor.

Chalsie said...

Well said.