Thursday, June 19, 2008

"The Altos" by Rebecca

This is the alto section of our ward choir. I am on the left (looking like a school marm), Monique is in the middle, and Tiffany on the right. Becca's artistry is wonderful good, jah? I secretly, well, no, openly, wanted to steal her magna doodle during choir.
Come join our choir, and you too can have your portrait done, and maybe learn a new song.


Troy and Rebekah said...

Great advertisement! Sue would be so happy if she knew. The artistry is quit exquisite. I hear that the magna doodler is offering portraits for a song.

Laurie Stearmer said...

Very good art! I'm teaching Rebecca how to draw stick figures, because that's all I can do -- artistry is not my domain!

I just realized (duh) that you just had your baby. You look pretty good -- how many months is now? Are you getting any sleep yet?

Your blog is really cute!