Friday, September 26, 2008

Put down the scissors and walk away!

Well, I have a bad habit of cutting my hair. Its not so bad that I do it, but I will admit, I have had perpetual bad hair since I have been married. That's because I am CHEAP! Well, everyday I want to cut my hair, and the only reason I don't is because the bathroom is clean and I don't really want to mess it up. The real problem is this: When I cut my own hair, I feel "licensed" to cut it anytime I want, be it every week, every day, or three times a day. So good haircuts turn into bad haircuts because I like to cut. I still need the sign on my mirror: "Put down the scissors, and walk away!"

This all comes up because, as some of you may have noticed, my hair is ridiculously long for me. I like it, and know that I will never grow it out again, so I don't want to cut it yet. But I get the itch to, nearly everyday. I also secretly dream of it frolicking behind me like Brook Shields' hair, unfortunately I am a few stylists short. I do hate the way my post partum hair is all over the floor, and wraps around my armpits when I sleep or throw a ball. I also really like to find it wrapped around Jacob's neck. Its so gross! Then I have all of these wild gray things freaking out all over the place. Go gray or go away. Gray at 29. That would be something. Oh, wait its already doing that! I need some of that old man comb in stuff. Mmmm. Then I can be greasy, too. Then my scissors won't work.

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Jessica said...

I cut my own bangs about 2 weeks ago, and I knew before I did it that I'd mess them up because I've done this about 12 times before. But I did it anyway, and I'm wearing them twisted back in a bobbypin until they grow out so no one (even Ryan who would pick on me for doing it AGAIN!) will see. I had to hide all the hair in the bottom of the trash can so I didn't have to hear the lecture. Smart people learn from their mistakes, right?