Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freeze Tag

To: Monique Phipps

I don't mind the tag, however, I would rather have done the other one!

6 Quirks of Amanda (only 6? I have ten times that!)

1. When I am done eating, everyone is done eating. This one is unfortunate for Collin because, He usually isn't done because he was cooking or holding a babe aloft. When I swallow that last bite, I set to cleaning up and moving on to the next item of business, whatever that may be. This was brought to my attention on our camping trip, so I resolve to improve.

2. I debate and debate when spending money. When I was in high school, my momacita gave me some money ("to buy sombrero and some papaya, lets go to carnival and dance the night away"*) to buy clothes and shoes. I walked the mall for at least three hours trying to decide which shoes were the best deal. The best look for the best price. I spent $50 on my shoes. The difference was only $5. Was that time worth the $5? Then I drove down the road and dropped $115 on a pair of Birkenstocks. No bargaining there. Still, I debate and its usually about $3 or less savings. Hours of scouring the internet, just to be able to say, "I got a deal!"

3. I don't like to talk to people. I will way out of my way to not talk to people. I can write notes, and email, but I am a social coward.

4. I am a color nazi (thank Collin for this one). Indeed, I do not have matching skills for my own clothes or my boys, but Collin's are equal to mine. He wears this one shirt ( blue, black and white plaid) with brown pants. To me it doesn't match, but I get questoined constantly about matching clothes. I can't even tell black from navy blue, butI insist other people's clothes match.

5. I am a know it all. I try really hard not to be, but I can't help it if I know everything about everything!!! I find myself inserting comments where common sense should tell me to stop. Before its all over, I usually have to stop the conversation and say " You know, I don't really know if that is true. Sorry about that."

6. I have a very distorted memory. I remember things very different than they really occurred. Like this: "Hey Collin, remember when I used to eat so healthy? Nothing but veggies and fruit all day and then fantastically balanced meals? And I excersized like everyday? Really you don't remember it? It was like when Sam was a baby, and it was awesome." Well, if we really examine the situation, I felt like it was two months, but it was less than two weeks. Great resolve I have, huh? I can't believe that he didn't remember those 11 days of our almost 8 year marriage, while he was in scholl and working 3 jobs. Deadbeat.

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I tag the unfortunate following:
Lindsay Lo
Huggy Bear


carlston said...

First of all, I don't remember you being a know it all and I knew you when you were a teenager and they're the biggest know it all of them all!!

Second, number 2 is me to a tee as well. My mom will not shop with me anymore because I will not spend my money until I've searched high and low, but if I like something like a great pair of Birks, no problem! so funny!

Third, how are you? YOur baby is getting so big. Your boys are all so beautiful. How's Alabama? Hope you are well. Hey, where is Beth Fife again and will you send me via email her address info.? Gracias senorita!

Kattelman Krew said...

are freeze tags legal?
guess so, since you just did it!

I love reading your blog, It's so funny to get a glimpse into other peoples lives?

Three Little Boys and One Little Girl said...

I think we all do funny thing. I posted my freeze tag.
How are you?

Joe & Manda said...

i am such a #3 on your quirks! i started to put it down as an added #7 but i thought i was letting people too closely into the life of my crazi quirkyness.... keep blogging... i love reading it!