Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pop Tarts...The New Perfume

Recently, a friend was telling me of the differences in the frequency of child-bathing between her and a sister.  One was an "every-day-bather-no-matter-what", and one is a "few-times-a-week-and-absolutley-always-before-church". 

P.S.  There was no judgement there, just differences stated.  All I could think was "Where do I fall in there?"  Because I most certainly could not pin point a time when all my kids were bathed in the same day.

You see, we have entered that phase where some shower and some are still bathed by their mammy.  Its hard when they start showering.  For a few reasons:
1- I no longer have complete control over the bath situation.
2- The standard of clean that I would like to maintain is different than the child's, mainly because he doesn't have one.
3- I am pretty sure that they aren't even aware of all of the places that need to be washed.
4- It frequently involves the use of an entire bottle of shampoo.
5- No one remembers how to properly use a shower curtain and I am certain the whole bathroom is going to fall through the floor thanks to all of the water that ends up on the floor.

I also find that my standard is lowered during the summer, when swimming pools are frequented, and we have no where to go.  Am I alone in this?  Perhaps, we have the only filthy kids in town.

This morning I announced to my children that a bath was in order.  "Why" was thrown out and I replied with a "because you're stinky".  Cooper then commented, "I don't smell stinky... I smell a Pop tart."