Friday, July 11, 2008

I just bought diapers on the internet.

I love shopping for stuff on the internet. I would very much like to find a Wii Fit for normal retail value. I just don't have it in me to drive to every store, every day that they get a shipment just to find out that "We had three last night", or "That woman just got the last one, sorry!" Well, this is how my most recent trip to Circuit City went:

I had an appointment to get my new radio installed. (And of course, "we will be getting a shipment tomorrow" rang in my ears) Well, I didn't know that you could use the back door, so I drag all three kids in via the stroller. Cooper insists on riding in one of these car stroller things, which conveniently Sam wants to push. Bad idea. Many of the end caps, three to be exact, are missing pieces and or have crunched ones. He really tried. We got to the back, only to find out that I needed to pack my kids back in the car to take my car around back. I should have called first, but unfortunately I have a complex about phones right now. One the way out, Cooper nearly rips the hair out of my head in protest. He likes the car stroller, after all. Sam is in hysterics about a nerds rope I wish I had not denied him. What is 79 cents when your child is having a melt down, and you are all alone?

I did intend to go back and check for the Wii fit, but i have banned my kids from Circuit City. I needed to return some pieces they didn't need for installation (which I could have done), but it wasn't happening that day. Well, I bought a ton of diapers on for what I thought was a fantastic deal. So at least now I don't have to drag the kids to Walmart at 7am when I am out of diapers. Instead, I can order them and wait for two days when I realize that I only have one diaper left between the two of them.

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Three Little Boys and One Little Girl said...

Amanda I would tell you that dragging kids around by yourself get easier but I just don't believe it. How do you get your friends to day when they have been updated? I think that is so cool.