Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anyone need a Super hero?

So, its been a while. I seem to read that a lot on blogs. Well, it has been a while, and so while I try to think of the funniest thing to share, for the sake of sharing, and also so that the "look a like o meter" isn't taking top billing any longer.

While this picture looks cute, I might add, I assure that no one went to sleep there. They all got sent to a bed. Cooper would not sleep, Sam would not let Saxton sleep, and Saxton was the only one who wanted to sleep.

Sam, like all of the other children who share his fate, started Kindergarten recently. Tomorrow will be his first full day, and he is full of questions about how long school will take. (The rest of your juvenile life and then some!) He is currently obsessed with the waste of time that he thinks nap time will be. A waste of time because he won't be playing in the toys or something. My favorite thing he has said so far is, "Mom, Kindergarten is making me sick." Too bad he tries to use that one as an excuse to stay home from church.
My questions for any readers with advice are these:
1) How do get him to stop fidgeting? and
2) At what point am I allowed to turn my head and pretend none of it is happening?
Just kidding. But seriously need suggestions. Like, I would love to ignore the fact that he is running through the chapel during the meeting, and playing on the stage, whipping the curtains around, (where the speakers can see, of course) and flying power rangers through primary. Insanity is a side effect of having kids, right?


Carissa said...

boys... what can you say? (that goes for girls too)

Griffiths said...

Unfortunatly I have no good advice to give, hence you are more experienced with boys than I. I am only on #2 and wondering what I got myself into. All I can say is Boys will be Boys, and if you can't beat em, join em! Maybe you should try running through the chapel with him during the meeting? It might make you feel better?? :) LOL

Jessica said...

I try as hard as I can to ignore mine at church, but the pretending only lasts so long. It gets fairly obvious that they are not tame at some point, and then it's embarrassing. The only thing I think might help is a strong sedative, but I haven't decided who should get it. I think I would appreciate it more than the kids!

Dan ~ Holly said...

Your boys are so cute!! I am sure it is hard at times but always remember what a blessing they are to you. I am sure this is soon to pass; maybe Kindergarten will help. :)

Joe & Manda said...

Amanda!!!'ve got to give the good ol arm squeeze and a tight teeth smile.. you know, the one that says if we weren't in public you and me would have a date with destiny... until they scream.. OW MOM YOU ARE HURTING MY ARM.... HAHA
But really if mine misbehave they are marched out to a class room and made to fold their arms with legs down looking straight ahead for the remainder of sacrament meeting... and if they still misbehave we practice church at home for an hour with hymns and everything... it's seemed to work..try it out and let me know how it goes....