Monday, June 22, 2009

Salt, please.

I like salt. However, my cereal tasted a little salty this morning. That I do not like. It reminded me of the time when I baked a Texas Sheet cake and served it to my family, a friend, and the missionaries. I followed the recipe, the cake turned looked fabulous! No sink holes or anything. (I am not a great cake baker)
I served it to those poor, unfortunate young men. They ate it. Luckily, the frosting was perfect, and was served with a scoop of ice cream. The original recipe called for 1 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I had written 4 Tablespoons when I copied it. So, you can imagine that it was rather like eating play dough. Sadly only one person mentioned it and it was far after everyone had finished theirs. Oh well, what's one more strike against my kitchen skills?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things are just things.

Today I met a woman, while shopping for groceries, who was amazing. She was an ordinary 83 year old woman at first glance. As I talked to her, I learned that she had three children by the age of 20, has only bought one dress in her life, makes all of her own clothes, took care of her husband until he died. I asked her if she ever got lonely, and she said that she had plenty of work to do and was not lonely. She still tends her garden and sews her clothes. She was buying patterns. She said they lived off of nothing when their children were growing up. Out in the country and everything was simple, and they worked hard.

It reminded me that things are not that important, and while it is nice to have a nice new TV, or a bedroom suite, it is much more satisfying to make my own skirt, even if my prideful heart wants to tell everyone that I made it. I think I forget that Work is so rewarding. The tomatoes from my flower bed taste better than the ones I buy. The things I make remind me that I have had many gifts and talents given to me, and builds confidence that I am using my time wisely.

The woman was so grateful for everything. I read an article in a back issue of The Friend, and it was about a little girl who was compelled by her mother to find something to be thankful for in every situation. What an attitude improver. That is my goal this week; to find something to be grateful for in every situation. So when the clothesalanche falls on me, I guess I will be grateful the clothes are clean, and not dirty.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cake Balls by Bakerella

For Becky, and anyone else who wants to make or eat beautiful treats.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amanda's High School Happenings.

This is a news clip about my high school...

"The ACLU had sued the school six months earlier and as part of the discussions over that dispute, the school's separate counsel had agreed to a consent decree that "essentially bans all Santa Rose County School District employees from engaging in prayer or religious activities," Liberty Counsel's report said.

The ACLU had alleged that during a dinner event at the school, Lay had asked the athletic director to bless the meal. In a second incident, the ACLU claimed Winkler's husband, who is not a school board employee, offered a prayer at an awards ceremony.

As preparations were being made for the 2009 graduation, the ACLU demanded the school censor students from offering prayers or saying anything religious. As a result, two student leaders traditionally allowed by the school to address their graduation were banned from doing so.

Staver said class members, furious with the ACLU for hijacking their free speech rights, assembled the plan on their own. As soon as Lay asked everyone to be seated for the ceremony, the graduating seniors remained standing and recited the Lord's Prayer."

Monday, June 1, 2009