Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bless the Child Who Lost His Shoestring

We have had many adventures in the past few weeks. Apparently when we moved, I developed amnesia when it came to taking Jacob places. It has most definitely been established that I can take him NOWHERE.
YESTERDAY, we went to Earth Fare. A grocery store across town that has lots of specialty stuff, and where I tasted the most delicious blueberry yogurt covered pretzels. We ordered lunch for the kids, looked around, dished up some plates from the salad bar, and headed to the tables to eat. It was lovely, for about 2.5 minutes. What was it that spoiled the mood? The children not liking their food? No. The abominable fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt that I had to stir up? No, fortunately my children have no such aversions. The company was the best, and could only have been better if the children had been left out of the equation altogether. What was it then? Oh, that's right. Maybe I forgot one of the details. Jacob, revolted. He ran back and forth through the automatic doors, continually slammed the doors to the trash cans, tried to play in the bathrooms, and once caught, screamed incessantly. At one point, I had him sitting on my knee, with my other leg crossed over him, and trapped by the free arm which was not feeding Zaida the aforementioned yogurt and trying to keep her from dumping the $5 pretzels, her sandwich, Caroline's sandwich, Jacob's pizza, and my salad onto the floor. Most of it did hit the floor at some point, and I suppose I may as well have thrown the monetary contents of my pockets on the floor and saved myself the "she needs to get a grip on her kids" looks that were hurling at me.
We have been walking to and from school a little. The other day we had a tantrum because Jacob wanted to push the stroller. No biggie. TODAY was also amazing. Jacob rode his trike. Cooper walked his scooter. I pushed Zaida. All was well. Sure, I was annoyed that Cooper was moving slower than the rest of us. I was even terrified and embarrassed when Jacob rode his trike out into traffic. The main problem on this trip was the lack of a mule. Jacob quit riding and pushed his trike out into school traffic, abandoning it. Cooper gave up also after Fred Flinstoning the trike for a while, he is less than coordinated. Add the backpack and stroller and it was MY FAVORITE. (So I carried it all for a while) I passed a lost shoe string on the sidewalk. I went back after trying to push Jacob along one kick at a time and now the trike has a leash! Thank you to the child who probably made his mother very unhappy, your service will be remembered every time I pull the trike.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspire me, Please.

I am having style confusion.
Now that I have my own house,
and the space to create and personalize,
I don't know what I like anymore.
It is okay because their is plenty to keep me busy,
I just happen to be delaying
my dive into reality right this minute.
But only for a minute!