Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bumbo I need opinions...

Has anyone used one of these? I am trying to figure out if it worth it. They are like $35.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My childhood misconceptions

I have been a little nostalgic lately, and with all of the good things I remember from childhood/adolescence like my bug and 80's rock. At some time most of us realize things that we thought were true, as children (or in my case, a teen) are not quite what we thought. Here are some of mine: (Sorry if you already heard these)

1. WWI and WWII. I thought that stood for War War I and War War II. In fact, I was very confused in the 10th grade when I kept reading "world war" in the history book. I realized this recently.
2. I thought that the actor who played "Goose" in Top Gun actually died making the movie.
3. I thought the Flinstone's lived inside my television.
4. My sister had a switch glued to her glove box that read "Warp Drive", and when I switched it she would make her car go crazy. I thought it was real.
5. Every grown man has killed at least one person. (I deduced this from watching a lot of TV.)
6. I thought the woods near our house rained coins. (My brother told me so and he did have a lot of coins!)
7. When asked who I thought should have won the civil war, I responded "Who was in the civil war?"
8. I thought that I switched my legs. I thought this until I realized it really was impossible. It must have been a dream.
9. In Florida, occasionally you will see a bear crossing sign. I thought it meant polar bears.
10. When I was 8, I thought my baby sitter was the same age as my mom. My calculation say that she must have been about 16.
11. I thought I was rich. I overheard my friend's father say "I am broke!" to which I responded, "I have twenty dollars!"

That's all I can think of right now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Amanda, the truth

Huggy Bear (I can't resist) tagged me to share a few traits about myself that are less desirable. I hope this doesn't turn into a pseudo psychology session. Alliteration intended.
As I think over things that are unflattering about myself, I have to look from other's point of view. Or else this turns into a session of self abuse, which I am very good at.

number one: I am and always have been guilty of drinking out of the milk jug. Now that Sam's has changed to their industrial looking jugs, not so much. However, I have tried it, and I am sad to say that I poured milk all down the front of my shirt. Great, now its covered in two kinds of milk. Collin despises this practice. In fact he was doing something that I found reproachable, and he countered with "I'll quit, if you will stop drinking out of the milk jug." I seriously had to consider this.

number two: I can't stand inefficiency. If there is a shorter way to get somewhere, and the driver goes the long way, I cringe and have to coach myself. "IT WILL BE OKAY!" If I take the wrong road and end up ten minutes late when I could have been early, I berate myself. This is why I constantly race people and they don't know it. When I learn a shortcut in photoshop and see someone do it the hard way, I want to shake them and convince them that there is a faster way!!! By the way, I can fit more into my dishwasher than anyone else!

number three: I am greedy with cereal. When I was a kid, I spent the night at my neighbor's house, and in the morning we had Froot Loops. I couldn't get enough. We never had those, and I ate them until her mom said 'no more'. Embarrassed, I was. In high school, we had a health day in PE, and someone brought a box of Apple Jacks, and I ate most of it. But I was shoveling it into my mouth like I never got fed. I know my softball coach must have thought that I had a problem, but my mom didn't buy that stuff (and for good reason-though you can guess that I do). One time I skipped school, and begged my bro-in-law to take me to the store to buy CEREAL. Who wants to eat cereal when they are skipping school? Granted, I am glad that was all the hi jinks I was trying, but still?!? So when I went off to Ricks, I always had good cereal, but not as much as my neighbors. They had a shopping cart in their apartment, full of boxes.

That is all I care to divulge at this moment. Your turn.


Ants love me. Apparently I am the "bees knees" with the local ant populace. Well, they love my kitchen, and my sink. And the food particles that are left on the dishes I didn't do last night. They don't seem to like 409, it kind of kills them or disables them or something. So, since I have many arms (and no ant spray) that pull me to do other things like feed babies, make chocolate milk, and start movies (and avoid the situation by doing this), I have sprayed a perimeter of 409 around the sink and in all sorts of places so that they cannot migrate to my cabinets.

Recently Collin killed a colony in my car, my outside trash can and in the driveway. Collin is the ant killer. I tried to kill some in the yard once, and have not been able to do it again. It was like pesticide. Great work honey. You really are my hero. Ants beware. The love is not returned.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sam is hilarious and naughty

Well, its a known fact that Sam is wild and hyper. He ran out of sacrament meeting today, against my desires, and disapparated, or so it seemed. I yodeled into the bathroom for him, but no answer. Car? Noway. Throwing rocks at the car? Nope. On Troy Wikle's motorcycle? Not that brave. Well, after the meeting was over, I was hanging out outside of the boys' bathroom (I heard a click that sounded like a lock being slid into place), my favorite past time; I was waiting for a male to walk by that would (throttle) ask him to come out. Brother Jones walks through and this is the conversation:

Bro Jones: "Sam, your mom wants you to come out!"
Sam: "Who are you?"
Bro Jones:"I am brother Jones."
Sam: "Hey! I saw you in a movie! You're Indiana Jones!"

I thought is was hilarious, and I was glad that Bro Jones thought so too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Collin is the best.

Collin went to buy ant spray, and brought home a Wii Fit for me. Its FANTASTIC! The search is over.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I just bought diapers on the internet.

I love shopping for stuff on the internet. I would very much like to find a Wii Fit for normal retail value. I just don't have it in me to drive to every store, every day that they get a shipment just to find out that "We had three last night", or "That woman just got the last one, sorry!" Well, this is how my most recent trip to Circuit City went:

I had an appointment to get my new radio installed. (And of course, "we will be getting a shipment tomorrow" rang in my ears) Well, I didn't know that you could use the back door, so I drag all three kids in via the stroller. Cooper insists on riding in one of these car stroller things, which conveniently Sam wants to push. Bad idea. Many of the end caps, three to be exact, are missing pieces and or have crunched ones. He really tried. We got to the back, only to find out that I needed to pack my kids back in the car to take my car around back. I should have called first, but unfortunately I have a complex about phones right now. One the way out, Cooper nearly rips the hair out of my head in protest. He likes the car stroller, after all. Sam is in hysterics about a nerds rope I wish I had not denied him. What is 79 cents when your child is having a melt down, and you are all alone?

I did intend to go back and check for the Wii fit, but i have banned my kids from Circuit City. I needed to return some pieces they didn't need for installation (which I could have done), but it wasn't happening that day. Well, I bought a ton of diapers on for what I thought was a fantastic deal. So at least now I don't have to drag the kids to Walmart at 7am when I am out of diapers. Instead, I can order them and wait for two days when I realize that I only have one diaper left between the two of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A True VW Experience

Well, this is the bug I drove in high school. This is a picture taken while I was away at girls' camp. I loved this car, and we had many experiences together, good and not so good. It was a '74 Superbeetle and was far superior to all others. Reasons why:
#1 An actual dash board and curved window allow for more spacious feel, not often found in a bug
#2 Beautiful white vinyl interior
#3 Attracted old men like crazy
#4 Max speed reached 105 mph
#5 Push button start, also useful as theft deterent
This is not my bug. I have only seen this bug one time, and we have also had many experiences, good and not so good.
First, we jump started the bug, then my sister drove it. All was well (if you consider 20 mph a top speed), and we stopped at my bro's and let it get good and charged up. Then mastermind that I am, had to drive, and it stalled. Then we had to push it about 1/4 mile. And part of that twice. There was a huge pile of dog drops in the road, that fortunately we missed. You may think, a bug is not so big and 1/4 mile is not that far, and it wasn't WHEN I WAS 17! I did that all alone on a few occasions, you know its easy to run out of gas or break your gas pedal. My brother set us all up after, but it wouldn't have been a true VW experience if we didn't have to push.