Monday, July 14, 2008

Amanda, the truth

Huggy Bear (I can't resist) tagged me to share a few traits about myself that are less desirable. I hope this doesn't turn into a pseudo psychology session. Alliteration intended.
As I think over things that are unflattering about myself, I have to look from other's point of view. Or else this turns into a session of self abuse, which I am very good at.

number one: I am and always have been guilty of drinking out of the milk jug. Now that Sam's has changed to their industrial looking jugs, not so much. However, I have tried it, and I am sad to say that I poured milk all down the front of my shirt. Great, now its covered in two kinds of milk. Collin despises this practice. In fact he was doing something that I found reproachable, and he countered with "I'll quit, if you will stop drinking out of the milk jug." I seriously had to consider this.

number two: I can't stand inefficiency. If there is a shorter way to get somewhere, and the driver goes the long way, I cringe and have to coach myself. "IT WILL BE OKAY!" If I take the wrong road and end up ten minutes late when I could have been early, I berate myself. This is why I constantly race people and they don't know it. When I learn a shortcut in photoshop and see someone do it the hard way, I want to shake them and convince them that there is a faster way!!! By the way, I can fit more into my dishwasher than anyone else!

number three: I am greedy with cereal. When I was a kid, I spent the night at my neighbor's house, and in the morning we had Froot Loops. I couldn't get enough. We never had those, and I ate them until her mom said 'no more'. Embarrassed, I was. In high school, we had a health day in PE, and someone brought a box of Apple Jacks, and I ate most of it. But I was shoveling it into my mouth like I never got fed. I know my softball coach must have thought that I had a problem, but my mom didn't buy that stuff (and for good reason-though you can guess that I do). One time I skipped school, and begged my bro-in-law to take me to the store to buy CEREAL. Who wants to eat cereal when they are skipping school? Granted, I am glad that was all the hi jinks I was trying, but still?!? So when I went off to Ricks, I always had good cereal, but not as much as my neighbors. They had a shopping cart in their apartment, full of boxes.

That is all I care to divulge at this moment. Your turn.


Steve & Jenny said...

You too?! About the cereal?!! LEt's have a cereal lunch brunch and everyone there can have their own box and there will be NO SHARIng!! I totally feel ya! :)

carlston said...

Fries are my greedy vice... I'll buy everyone in the world their own fry as long as they don't eat mine. I hate it when they say, oh I'll just have a few of yours - uh, no you won't!!!

Love that you got the Wii fit - we're Wii lovers as well!

Carissa said...

What is it about breakfast food that is so good? I don't know why but in high school I wanted to eat cereal all the time, or scrambled eggs/toast/oj combo (my late at night comfort food) or waffles. I once even convinced a friend to have a "waffle" party because she made the best ones.

Tim & Monique said...

I totally forgot to come visit you yesterday! I'll make it up to you - I bring you some cereal!!! No really I'm sorry!

Jessica said...

Huggy Bear appreciates your flaws.