Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to My Offspring

I do love my boys and almost every ounce of trouble they get into. Its funny most of the time. Its much amusing when it's Collin chasing them. I only very occasionally feel plagued by them, like when this happens:

I am at Sam's Club eating pizza and there are like 6 men and a lady with a big dog in training that my kids are scared of at the tables surrounding us. Jacob is starving even though I just fed him right before we left, so I am nursing Jacob. Then Cooper decides it would be nice to sit by me, on me, or on top of Jacob, while holding the huge soda cup they give you. Then Sam decides its a good time to smother Jacob in kisses, and is knocking Cooper out of the way in the process; soda is sloshing and milk is going everywhere because Jacob thinks they are excessively funny. All the while trying to keep covered, which I promise no hooter hider could help here. Maybe if they made a lactation lounger (big enough for the whole family!).

How can you get through that happily without loving your kids enough not to smack them? Amazingly, that happens too. The loving part is easy, its the not smacking that makes me feel like I have accomplished something great. I guess I feel more pressure for them to behave at church where people know his name, and mine. Oh why did I ever use to torment my mother? If I had known what awaited me, I would have chosen different ways to embarrass her.

So I know I make it sound like my kids only get on my nerves, but the truth is, they are really sweet and funny, and I am fairly addicted.


Carissa said...

A lactation lounger??!! Trying to type, but the tears of laughter cannot be contained... (probably because I totally get how you feel here)

The Magonigal Family said...

Wish I could have been there- don't think I could have contained my laughter! Sometimes moments are just SO CRAZY you have to just laugh. Although I often don't find my kids embarrasing moments funny- it is my advice to give myself and others- to chalax about it!HA-HA

Monique said...

I just love you and you are an example to me !!!! Your great!!!