Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A True VW Experience

Well, this is the bug I drove in high school. This is a picture taken while I was away at girls' camp. I loved this car, and we had many experiences together, good and not so good. It was a '74 Superbeetle and was far superior to all others. Reasons why:
#1 An actual dash board and curved window allow for more spacious feel, not often found in a bug
#2 Beautiful white vinyl interior
#3 Attracted old men like crazy
#4 Max speed reached 105 mph
#5 Push button start, also useful as theft deterent
This is not my bug. I have only seen this bug one time, and we have also had many experiences, good and not so good.
First, we jump started the bug, then my sister drove it. All was well (if you consider 20 mph a top speed), and we stopped at my bro's and let it get good and charged up. Then mastermind that I am, had to drive, and it stalled. Then we had to push it about 1/4 mile. And part of that twice. There was a huge pile of dog drops in the road, that fortunately we missed. You may think, a bug is not so big and 1/4 mile is not that far, and it wasn't WHEN I WAS 17! I did that all alone on a few occasions, you know its easy to run out of gas or break your gas pedal. My brother set us all up after, but it wouldn't have been a true VW experience if we didn't have to push.


carlston said...

I remember missionary splits in your bug... I loved your bug. Your bug was such a part of you. You know I had a yellow bug in high school. My friend and I were in it one afternoon when smoke started radiated from the heater vents... we jumped out and yelled to bystanders," it's going to blow, move out of the way". Oh, the joys of the VW.

Jessica said...

attracted old men like crazy, huh? ryan wants to get an old one to tinker around with one of these days. maybe after that i can pick up a sugar daddy with it.

Tim & Monique said...

I think I told you, but my first car was a blue bug. I loved that car. I was 15, my daddy got it for me. I didn't have my lisences, but I drove it any way all over the place.

Beeswax said...

My husband had bugs in high school (and college, and even two in our first year of marriage, one of which had a plastic gorilla bolted to the hood). He could do all the maintenance work himself, so they were pretty cheap transpotation. He has big dreams of a fancy VW bus with lots of windows (21?23? I forget).

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