Friday, September 12, 2008

Stacks and stacks

So I have a small organizational problem, and I welcome tips, advice, criticism, etc from you all, even my fellow blog stalkers. I can't stop piling stuff. I walked into my room and the bassinet that used to be full of Jacob is now full of goodwill items and miscellaneous clothing. Maybe I wouldn't just throw it over there if there were an immediate consequence, such as the towel being sucked into a vortex, never to be seen again. Actually, that could be handy. However, I have always thought of myself as a fantastic housekeeper. Much like I think of my days in college as never ending fun. I obviously forgot falling asleep in the library trying to cram for a test, making myself sick from lack of sleep and bending over the desk just so. Or the boys that wouldn't kiss me when I was practically begging them to, only to be ditched for some other less devoted gal. Or the knee surgery (the semester I had 4 PE classes), and crutchin it to class in the snow. So my point is that I have been deluding myself about my housekeeping skills. Sure, I have had a few good runs in the past nearly 8 years. But I have spent the majority of that time fighting against clutter (I think I will picket in front of my house tomorrow). I do great for a while then I want to live my life, but I can't figure out how to do stuff like grocery shopping and keep my house clean. I need an amah. I know I have to stop acquiring stuff, or at least slow the pace. I cannot turn down free furniture. Unless it is hideous. I cannot part with toys. Even if they collectively cost me ten bucks. If we were nudists, that would eliminate the vast majority of the clutter. My kids practically are nudists. If I could just get them to stop saying embarrassing things, maybe we could try that. (Nice back hair. I like your back hair!) Well, since that doesn't seem to be an option, I guess I will just have to get a bigger house. Ha. Or get rid of more stuff. Hey, if anyone wants free junk, come by sometime. Maybe I should put a little stand out in the front yard: "Free Junk to a Good Home".


Tim and Monique said...

There maybe only one answer to that problem, and I don't have it!!!! I wish that I did!!! I have the same clutter problems. I will clean them up and they come back in less time as it did to clean them up. When you have kids, you have clutter and when they grow up you have clutter!!!! just bigger clutter!!! I KNOW THE ANSWER: A MAID!!!!! LET'S GET ONE!!!!

Joe & Manda said... she has some good tips.. also I use to buy clothes and clothes and clothes for my boys... but i had to stop that too. The less clothes the less the laundry load. A few play shirts a few shorts a few going out shirts a few church outfits... and I do let my baby run around practically naked ALOT!=) why not!? it's still summertime here! As for toys I use to have bins and bins now i have one toy box and if it doesn't fit...WE MUST AQUIT!! ha! But really, we git rid of it. Some of those things have really helped the crazy load. Try it...let me know how it goes... I don't have all the answers I've just battled the same problem so i have searched and searched for help.... check out flylady!!

Jessica said...

Hey, if you get this fixed at your house, please come here and fix it for me.

Kattelman Krew said...

I second you on that one! We are moving back to Utah in December sometime, so I was like: "I'll get a head start packing and be super organized" ..............
ya, right!
I made an even bigger mess!!!

I have to figure out what to do, cause if we don't get the house we put an offer in on, an apartment isn't going to be able to hold all our junk we've accrued. College was bad, we wrote way too many papers...we have stacks of boxes that are random assignments...lame.