Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who sliced these tomatoes anyway?

Well, when I worked at Chet's Seafood Restaurant, a great little place to eat without many menu selections, I worked in the kitchen. I made grits and banana pudding and junk like that and I also occasionally sliced the tomatoes. One of the kitchen guys was always complaining about the tomatoes being cut funky, but one day he said "Whoa, who cut the tomatoes?" I owned that I had and he was impressed. Then I always cut the tomatoes. And ever since then I have tried to cut a tomato to this standard. Point being this: Saturday I was slicing tomatoes, and I was slicing it ever so well, and I thought "If Collin would just say hey, you slice tomatoes really well" sometimes it would make me ever so happy. Well, he does do that, just not about tomatoes. And I ought to try doing that too. Sam does it in his own way. He compliments me on the funniest things, like turning the light on or giving him a poptart for breakfast. "Good job momma, you're good at opening the frigerator." So I guess that I could do better, and be a little more complimentary to my family.

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