Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was a beggar and ye gave me food...

I was thinking about Sam's lunch today and how my mom went on a streak of making my lunches in high school, and then how I bought pizza for the longest time, then how good the chocolate cookies were. (My recipe is not as good, but as close as I am going to get.) I remembered that for a time, duration unknown, I would walk around and ask people for money. When I remembered this, I flushed with embarrassment, first, for my mother, then second, for myself. How annoying I must have been, because if I didn't have money, it was sheerly because I was forgetful. Should have had that remembrall!
On the other hand, I was reading in the scriptures where it talks about giving when asked. Something like, if your neighbor asks for something, give him more. Well, today we are surrounded by people who ask for donations. I think it has always been this way, it has just become less personal. On the street, on the phone, via the tv, and occasionally a personal vocal request. At what point do we say no? I know I hang up on everyone. (The quick apology doesn't really make it better) Maybe that isn't that nicest way, but they call back! On the street, if you hand out money (cause this happens and all, and I don't mean getting mugged), then those people would come back too. Mr Fauchelevent, in Les Miserables, he handed out money (becasue he knew the need and was generous), and went for walks on purpose to do so. And if he encountered someone who needed more, he would make arrangements to give it to them. He was truly compassionate, almost to a fault. So how can we be like this in the present day? Granted, he was wealthy, but is it our time that we must give? Or our homemade caramels? (which really is our time) I suspect that giving our time is just as worthy, if not more so, than dropping money in a cup (although it has great merits when it is used properly).

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J said... glad to read this! About a week ago I got a call asking for money and I told the solicitor that I'd speak with my husband and if we felt so lead, we'd make a donation. She offered to send me something in the mail about it and I asked her not to and assured her we'd call if we wanted to donate...guess what came in the mail yesterday? A letter from them complete with pictures of sick and dying people...and I felt awful and couldn't just throw it away and so I put it atop the stack of mail to "talk about." - and then I questioned, how much is enough? all that to say...thanks for posting your thoughts on this!