Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calorie Counter

So lately I have been starving. I wake up and think I will never make it because I am so hungry. Well, I do make it and sometimes I make it all morning and forget to eat, and sometimes I am a hobbit and eat first and second breakfast. It feels like I am pregnant. But lets make this clear, I am not. For sure. So, after a few days of this, and a few nights without real dinners, I figure I really need to eat better. I mean I am 30 and my metabolism is 30, my wii fit age is like 43, and I have been finding every reason under the sun not to go walking. (Its too cold, I have a sprained ankle, I can't smell, my blog is lonely...)

The last time I had success I counted calories, and that was great. Except who wants to be obsessed with how many calories are in everything? I tell you people look at you like you're insane when you start spouted off how many calories they are holding in their hands. And I cannot help it. I have to do it. Its a vile compulsion. I feel like there is this wealth of information hanging there between us and I can think of nothing else to say until those words are out. Unfortunately this tends to repulse people, and then I am still left with awkward conversation. Admit it, most of you have experienced odd or gawky conversation with me before. Ah well, we can't all be socially able.

So back to counting those calories. We recently went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Collin's 30th birthday. Unfortunately the pinball machine was broken, which is my favorite*, and I like to play games as much as the next kid, but the ticket muncher was working. I haven't showed it to the kids yet. There is an unspoken understanding that I get to so this. And it is likely the only thing I get to do without a child the entire time there. I love to stick a really long string of tickets in and let it get munched. Well this got me thinking: What is I had one of these muncher counter things, but for calories? I could just get a print out at the end of the day, or meal even to see how much I had consumed. Or a scanner in my watch to let me know how much I was about to consume. I realize this is alien technology we are talking about here. I guess I will stick to adding in my head (why use a calculator- there is no room for mistakes) and try to be as happy as I can while stuffing spinach in my mouth.

* We had a pinball machine when I was a child. I loved it, it loved me, and I have never found a pinball game that I like as well.


Melanie said...

Have you ever heard of the bodybugg? I watch Biggest Loser, and that's where I saw them. You wear it on your arm and it calculates how many calories you are burning, how much more water you need to drink, etc. The only problem is I don't think it's cheap. But it's a nice thought! :) I tried calorie counting--I only lasted 2 days. It drove me nuts. But it definitely makes you more aware of what you're eating!

Tim and Monique said...

You are so funny!! You look great!!! I hate to count calories as you can tell!

Troy and Rebekah said...

I'm not sure what the bodybug is but it sounds similar to a watch that my college roomate bought to help count calories. She would type in the calories that she ate and her excercising stuff and it balanced it all. She swore by it and said, "I never thought that I could loose wait." She looks fabulous and is healthy. I'm not sure how much it was or where she got it but I can email her and find out if your interested. :)