Friday, January 23, 2009

5:25 and not a soul in sight

Its been one of those sleepless nights, and I was yet again crowded out of my bed by boys. I got up walked around, noticed that yeah, I should have done the dishes last night. I really want to do them, but its not worth it to wake up the kids. (Although Sam has been up since at least 5 am. He is such a funny boy. I am sure some have noticed his current clothing trends. He tucks in every shirt, even pajamas. I bribed him not to tuck in his sweater vest on Sunday.) I then thought laundry! Oh, what? I actually have it all folded. That's unheard of.

Well, I had to make myself a list of things to do when situations such as this occur. My newest distraction is Indexing. If you don't know what it is, its a program offered by You download a page of a census and interpret the handwriting and put the info into a form. Its interesting and I finally did a page right and submitted it. It is easy and productive. Its helping me kick my facebook addiction.

So I have been left alone with my thoughts for hours tonight, and usually I drive myself crazy. (Last week, I took a Midol, and had no idea it contained caffeine. Well, I can't think of another time I have had caffeine since I was at Ricks. So I was wired, shaky and very awake. I figured it our by about 4 am. That is ridiculous! ) I was already in a poor frame of mind, and Collin was about to leave for a few days, so I worked myself up good. I decided that thinking is a double edged sword. I think too much and try not to dwell on things and so never really think about anything. Just fleeting glimpses of things I would like to take out and peruse at my leisure, but tonight I decided to face many of those things and wrote about them in my journal, and I feel better. I know what kind of woman I want to be, how far I am from it, and now I have an idea of how to get there.

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J said...

WOw...sorry about the sleepless nights. Glad you got to journal. i always feel better after I write...whatever's crowding my head or heart...

miss you!