Sunday, January 25, 2009

Injustice For All

Well, what is it that makes me crave justice? I suppose that would be my conscience. And my desire to be happy. Here is a fine example for you (no doubt from high school):

Chemistry teacher : I don't care if you copy each other's work, just don't let me see it.
Amanda: Hmmm, I will have to remember that.

Amanda: Hey Chadly, can I borrow your homework? (No? Well, we are sharing a locker, so I will just borrow that and put it back before you go to class!)

Chemistry teacher: Hmmm, what have you got there? That looks like you are copying homework!
Amanda: Class hasn't started and you didn't see me copy it! (I was done, he just assumed I didn't have mine, like usual)

Chemistry teacher: Oh well, I will take both of those, you are both getting big fat zeros!

Amanda: (Oh no! Chadly said I couldn't borrow his homework and now were both getting zeros!) Chad didn't know that I borrowed his homework, so please don't give him a zero.

Well, that is a sad example, but I felt the injustice greatly. He said we could copy! At least he didn't fail dear Chadly. I realize that I was cheating in the first place and deserved every missing point of that grade. I feel the weight of little injustices here and there (maybe you don't) and I realized today that I am hanging on to those threads, demanding justice be served, and who knows if anyone else even remembers it. I can use my energy a little better I think.

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