Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Collin!

Collin is 30 today. I am thankful for such an adoring husband. He works so hard to make me happy, and is a great dad. Thank you sweetie, I love you.

30 things I love and drive me insane about Collin:

He doesn't get mad at me when I eat his cookies.
He lets me pretend I am in charge.
He unloads the dishwasher for me faithfully.
He is super easy to shop for.
He is nice to me, even when I am grumpy.
He supports me in all of my activities and takes me to the temple.

He makes me feel loved, especially when I feel I don't deserve it.
He likes to read books with me. (Although he refuses to read Twilight, but insists on making fun of it, like he is an expert or something)
He is forgiving.
He is a man child.
He wants me to be happy.
He gets mad at me.

He has an annoyingly good work ethic.
He says embarrassing things.
He asks questions that I am afraid to ask.
He tries to make me get over my phone phobia.
He thinks I look good when I look like junk.
He likes everything I cook when we camp.

He is persuadable.
He is cautious, which balances my fierce impulsiveness.
He tells me he will take me golfing. Though doesn't make me go.
He takes the boys fishing.
He loves his family.
He has a great family.

He is stingy with his family time.
He makes sure we have sufficient junk food in the house.
He remembers names of Sam's classmates.
He knows what to do with a tiny baby.
He gets up with the kids at night.
He loves Heavenly Father.


Troy and Rebekah said...

Sounds like a keeper! We think Collin's great too! Happy Birthday!

p.s. Birthday cake doesn't have any calories just in case you were counting today. :) So have a piece for me please!

Joe & Manda said...

sorry i've been so mia... but it's great seeing you, even if it is from a distance more often... happy birthday collin... how sweet r u?? wow! i learned so much about collin in your little tribute...

see ya soon!!