Saturday, June 7, 2008

oh what fun it is to ride

We went to Water World for a very fun birthday party, and this is what my kids did:
Cooper sat on Collin's hip the entire day, Sam ran around and went on all of the water slides (I can't believe that he is big enough to do that), and Jacob, poor thing, sat in the car seat nearly the whole time.

These are just a few other pictures I wanted to put up for my lovely momacita:

This is Sam consoling the other kids while the vacuum was running, and apparently Cooper needs two pacifiers to sooth those troubles away. He already does things just to get my goat.


Carissa said...

Hi Amanda, I saw your comment on Troy and Rebekah's blog, clicked on your name and saw your stats (non-profit, taskmaster) I just had to laugh out loud for a while, that was great. You are too funny! I might have to come and visit your blog when I need a good laugh if you don't mind. I should have gotten to know you better in Alabama! ::still laughing::
Congrats on your new baby, your kids are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

I loved your blog. Cute pics of your family. They are so lucky to have a cool mom like you. See you later. Jessie