Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tattle Tale

Cooper said he thirsty, ran to the fridge, said he wanted milk, and got it out.
Not unusual.
When I looked again, he was chugging, a very nearly empty jug of milk.
As you see.

Cute you might say.
When questioned by his father,
Cooper stated: I was drinking milk. Like Mommy.
Way to give me away, kid!


Tim and Monique said...

Cooper's GOT MILK? Leave it to kids to tell on us! He really is a cutie pie:)

Jessica said...

Haha. I can't bring myself to drink milk this way because the dry milk around the opening gets me all grossed out. More power to you (and Cooper) though.

amanda said...

Oh, I am not proud of my habit, and I spill it on my shirt more times than not. I guess I will find another way to drive Collin crazy. I will turn the toilet paper roll around next. Or vaseline the door knobs.

Christina said...

I was about to place the blame on your husband. Oh well, I guess it's better than drinking Coke, which is what my kids would choose if they broke in the fridge.