Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please Validate My Ego

I used to be a person who told everyone every little thing about myself, in horrifyingly boring detail. In a way I still have this horrible habit, perhaps a little muted. Lucky readers. In thinking about my quest for validation, I realized that we all seek it. I happen to be starving for it. Whether it is the child who begs for a compliment on his school work; the girl who shows ridiculous pictures to her friends, looking for compliments; the girl who sends pictures to her dad, knowing he won't respond, the woman who can't even let her husband take a bite of his food before asking if he likes it, or maybe even the woman who cleans her house just to get the compliment. Maybe the compliments are the motive for some. If I could get people to stamp my ego like a parking validation, my insecurities would be much more discreet.

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