Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten.

It is a good thing that Sam's end of the year program was today, and not last week. Good for my mascara that is. Last week, I would have been an emotional wreck, desperately trying not to spill my salty tears. Not today. Today I was even able to make normal human conversation, with one exception. Let me introduce myself, in case you don't know me:
I am Mr Jekyll Jekyll Hyde, Mr. Hyde Hyde Jekyll.

I realize that was awfully random, but the song, especially the chorus, is stuck in my head. It is also my theme song. I made it through the day, all thanks to my heart of stone! Well, this is not about my social awkwardness, but about Sam, so...

I told Sam he could take some pictures in his classroom. These were the result:

No classmates, or where he sat, tissue boxes, and I think the kitchen center too. Well, his favorite Kindergarten haunts have forever been digitized. Samuel had the same teacher that Collin had for Kindergarten. Same classroom too. I really wish I had taken a picture of Collin with Sam and his teacher. But alas, traveling parents get no such perks.

Good job Sam on making it through Kindergarten. I wish I were in Kindergarten. Well, not really. I am happy to be 30. And not in danger of being put in time out, which I most certainly deserve! And really, is the cap and gown necessary? It is cute I suppose.

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Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

Oh my GOSH. You are such a nerd, lol! I love you. That Jekly Hyde thing was hilarious. Chaz even enjoyed it and I am sure it will be stuck in our heads for the rest of all time. Thank you ;) You are such a hoot.