Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days like these...

Make me INSANE!

Luckily I have wonderful friends who make it better, and also make me realize that is just a bad day, and NOT the end of the world.
Top 10 things of Yesterday:

10. Samuel screaming & crying for 30 minutes before school because I ate the last piece of pizza that he was hoping to eat for breakfast.

9. Jacob has been on antibiotics for his never-ending ear infections, and thus has the most horrible diaper rash he has had yet. I love changing a screaming baby's diaper! It's super!

8. Going shopping for food and plants, only to realize that I cannot find my wallet, after ringing it all up.

7. Jacob figured out how to mutilate my basil plant.

6. Cooper digging up all of my new plants and gouging all of the blooms off with his shovel.

5. Coming home from choir at 9 pm, in hopes that my children were sound asleep, only to find that every last one of them was still awake. 1/3 of which were crying.

4. Being thwarted at every attempt to make it to the quilt shop.

3. Stepping in milk that Jacob spilled all over my carpeted kitchen.

2. Being Wendy Whiner all day. I really did have to stretch to find all ten of these. BECAUSE I did have a lot of lovely things too!

1. Cooper* locking himself, Jacob, my keys, and my cell phone in the hot car at 1:oo in the hot afternoon.**

*Cooper is re-banned from playing in the car, as most kids should be. He has been banned before. He filled my tape deck with pennies. He has left the lights on at least 3 times and killed my battery, and has tried spraying the hose inside. Thankyou Cooper for all of your help!

**Sorry no pictures of the 2 police officers, and the cussing locksmith that were racing to get my kids out of the car.


Jessica said...

Oh my that is the most horriable day ever!!! It has to get better today...right?? I hope so.

Holly said...

Hi Amanda!! I found you....I think you have me beat on the bad day contest. I hope it eventually got better. Your boys are adorable by the way. We miss you guys and the ward too...but we're really lovin it here. Check out my blog:

Tim and Monique said...

Sorry about your bad day!! But I would have loved pictures of the police and locksmith! I know that it was not funny at the time.

Christina said...

Yep. Your momma told you there would be days like these. Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible Day (children's). One of my faves. After all that I'm surprised DCFS didn't show up. They'll be showing up on my doorstep next.

Christy said...

I guess comming over for dinner was just the pinacle to a great day. With all the kids screaming and yelling I'm sure it was enough to calm your nerves. Seriously, thanks for helping me out tonight.

J said...

Oh...what a day! This post is hilarious! Hang in there!

Carissa said...

Oh. My. Goodness. All in one day, huh? (That picture sure would have been priceless)

jw_S_M_I_L_E said...

I realize this info might be a little late, but everytime William is on antibiotics, he gets a yeast infection. Destin doesn't help, we had the doctor prescribe some Nystatin. I realize that this is four days later, but I never knew boys could get yeast infections, so I'm just passing on the knowledge. I hope that this entire week is better for you. :)