Friday, July 9, 2010

Expected Departure Date: UNKNOWN

Some of you may have noticed that Collin has a new toy.
It is hard not to since it is planted right under his nose.

Moustache May turned into Toy Time.
He currently has no plans for shaving it.
He is waiting for the curls to come in on the sides.

I am not a particular fan of my husband's latest accessory, but I agreed to let him keep it a little longer. I fear he will never shave it unless I make him.
(or he wakes up and half is missing-whichever happens first)
I have decreed that next year's prize mustache must be shaved June 1.
(and for the record, he agreed.)


Manda Mae said...

you are a strong woman and much kinder than i would be! I say take a chainsaw to the sucker! or you could always start ur own upper lip dreamy look and see how long he keeps his! lol! love ur posts!

Christina said...

Better than an "I Heart Mom" tattoo, right?

Steve and Jen said...

that is sooo funny! When I first saw him that Sunday that I was there, I thought "hum, somethin's different" then it hit me- stash. :)Steve can't even grow one, poor guy. :)He can get a pretty mean "Wolverine" from X-Men goin' on though.

Jessica said...

Amanda, let me know the second he shaves that hideous thing. I'll be celebrating with you. I hate a mustache! Ryan grew one for about a day while we were dating, and creeped me out!

Cheyenne said...

I will never complain about Aubrey's winter beard again! Isn't he growing that in the wrong season? He must get awfully itchy and hot.

Team Hanni said...

Hilarious! You guys are so dang funny.