Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Fun?

While trying to convince my children to play outside in the pleasant heat of our backyard, amidst the ever-present biting mosquitoes, and non-confrontational carpenter bees, I think I promised them something about races and water balloons tomorrow. Wow, I hope it rains! Just kidding, I am not all frump over here. However, I did think of a few (meaning three) games that we could play in such conditions (heat, bees, and mosquitoes).

1. BWHF (Backyard Water Hose Fights) akin to WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation).
It would be nice if we had a three headed spicket with three hoses so my kids could drench the house, each other, make the yard a bog, and further attract yet more mosquitoes to multiply in my yard. Unfortunately, we only have one hose for our single headed spicket, so on to option 2.

2. Minute to Win it: Backyard Edition.
In this round, contestants compete against each other to see who can get the most mosquito bites in one minute. The prize? A bottle of Caladryl Clear to sooth those war wounds!

3. BeeMinton.
We have found it rather therapeutic to take our aggression (when we have them-so rare!) out on the bees that drill into the beams and rafters of our glorious back porch. So, give everyone a racket and see who can hit the most off the porch!


Funny Mommy said...

you are so funny! the bee raquet sport is very popular with my three when we go out to joe's parents house. The mosquitos are terrible in our backyard too, which means they want to play outfront instead... again... not what i really want. But i have come with a solution... try it with your three. If you rub dryer sheets over their skin they will not only stop smelling like wet dogs (not that i think your children smell, but mine sure do) and it keeps the bites WAAAAY down!

~The Dippold's said...

You are hilarious! You totally could write a book! I love reading your blog! It definitely keeps me laughing! :)