Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So what do you do in the summertime?

I knew my child had super skills...

So Sam is already good at multi-tasking. What more can a mother ask for. If only he could fit Jacob into this equation somehow, but come on! There has to be a limit to what a 7 year old can accomplish right?

So I am sure this is what they would like to be doing all summer, but I have news for them (and mostly for myself): This is not what it will be like. I would like to think that I will plan a fun outing every week, but alas, I am lazy and have a new baby and will use every excuse I can to stay indoors.

So these are the things on our agenda, but it is not planned or complete:

1. Learn Spanish. (Sam's greatest desire)
Luckily, I know just enough conversational French to get us by. Just kidding.

2. Go to the Star Wars exhibit.

3. Visit family.

So that's about it (so far), but I intend to add more items that will stimulate my children's minds. But I also know that if I make a huge, elaborate plan, we will never accomplish half of it. Did I mention that I have a new baby and have to feed her every five minutes?

So I hope you have a fun summer (and hopefully you don't dread all of your kids being home like I do-because one more is so much harder and all) and will give me some great ideas to entertain and possibly subdue my minions.

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Manda Mae said...

i hate being hot... so i hate spending the day outside in the summer... however this is where my children want to be and it's the only way my house stays in somewhat order and i stay somewhat sane... so we got a membership to the pool... this way it's already paid for so i'm not spending more money, and it's an actual outing in the car.. so it fills the need to "go" somewhere, and i can stay cool while watching the boys outside.... BAM! my summer in a nut shell..... also, by default i have become my yw camp director and NEED HELP from the queen of camp... would you mind helping me with some ideas or send me a site you used to come up with all the fantastic things you do???