Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 days, and counting...

I managed to ignore the entire month of March, blogwise. Just like I am ignoring the fact that my kids are watching Voltron on Netflix (Wii Streaming is amazing) and it's 7:37 pm. They should be going to bed, but dearest daddy is away for the evening and I am avoiding temper tantrums by pretending it's 6:37 instead. I can take only so much arguing over the Wii. And it's quiet (maybe they fell asleep?) and I would hate to disturb the peace.
I would really like to know if anyone has any good systems or suggestions that I may implement into a system to regulate how much they can play video games, the computer, or watch television. I can think of many things for Sam, but Cooper is one week shy of four, and while he is very bright, I am not sure that he will get it. So please give me ideas!
I have been very lazy as of late, letting them watch too long, etc. I realized this when I noticed that the one-week-shy-of-two year old is captivated by the TV. I really don't think that the high ratio of TV to toy time is the affector; I think he is just becoming interested. I just don't to foster it now, especially when I think has finally perfected his tantrum cry. So do I impose the "No TV Week" now, and detox them now, knowing that I am having a baby next week, or do I wait and let them become more influenced by the Sketchers ads on Saturday mornings? I think I will find something better to stress about, like lactation.

For the record, I did check my camera for pictures, just in case I took one, but no. Every picture on there has been taken by my one-week-shy-of-two year old. I wish I had some cute new ones, but old ones will have to do. In honor of our new baby arriving on the 16th, I have posted a few baby pictures of the others.

Pictures in order: Jacob, Cooper, Sam


Manda Mae said...

i say wait til baby is here and life becomes somewhat normal again. you will want to rest and need time to nurse the baby, the boys will be getting use to another FEMALE vibe in the house and things might be a bit hectic! I say keep the netflix coming and begin a schedule you can TRULY stick to after #4 has graced the magonigals with her sweet little soul! good luck with the delivery and I'm so sorry for the loss the magonigal family is going thru.

SARAH said...

I give my kids daddy dollars (fake money with Will's picture on it) for doing household chores such as making their bed, getting dressed, putting their dirty clothes in the laundry, etc. They earn $5 for a combination of their morning chores. TV, Wii, and computer time costs $5 for 30 minutes. Who ever pays for the time gets control of the remote/game choice. I don't keep track of their money. They do the chores, I pay them and they put the money into an envelope with their name on it. If they loose their money, it's their loss. This works best for me b/c i don't have to keep up with tedious chore charts and treats.

Steve and Jen said...

Ah!! Cute pics, for a minute I thought you had your baby girl. but, no. So excited though for you to get her out of ya! :) I honestly don't know what to tell ya, advice wise, I do like your friend's daddy dollars, so creative. I might have to write that down for future. :)

Carissa said...

You've got the cutest babies! Holy cow, they're adorable!

At our house, the kids get a set amount of "game time" per day IF they do their regular chores, homework, room cleaned, good behavior, etc. Sometimes I'll let them earn more by doing more cleaning. But some days, especially with a newborn around (or about to be) you just gotta let go of everything... good luck with getting that new one here!!