Friday, April 9, 2010

I think I'm Hyperventilating...

The doctor's office called this morning to change the time of my c-section.
"Congratulations! You get to fast until lunch and the doctor can fit you in on his lunch break."At least I don't have to arrive at 6 am.

For the record, I did ask if we could do the pulling and cutting and searing a day sooner, but alas, he is booked. That must be why I am now on the lunch agenda. Maybe he will sew me up faster.
After I asked for an earlier date, and was promptly denied, I started realizing that I would indeed be crazy to want that because I have waited to do all things improbable until the final 6 days before the baby's birthing. This is my awesome list, and I would be happy to contract some of these things out (and blogging about this is what I am doing to avoid getting started):

1. Hand quilt Zaida's blanket (and find the hoop to put it in)
2. Make cute burp cloths
3. Beg Stacey to embroider Zaida's name on a few things (check)
4. Take Cooper to see the Tame your Dragon movie for his birthday (planned)
5. Have cake and ice cream with family and friends for Jacob's and Cooper's birthdays (check)
6. Sew crib skirt (honestly that can wait)
7. Make room for Zaida's clothes by cleaning my maternity clothes from my armoire
8. Somehow clean up the huge mess that has evolved over the last few days.
9. Laundry (see picture)
10. Sterilize bottles, etc
11. Pack my hospital bag

I am quite certain that there is more, but definitely not less.


Manda Mae said...

so are you having the baby today?? Good luck my friend!

Christina said...

Good luck on the fasting. That is no fun at all. I'm interested to know the origin of the name you've chosen. Very original.

Christy said...

So it took me a minute to figure out your picture. I was thinking you were loosing it or something. Did I already miss #5? I didn't get to talk to you very long today.

J said...

Hooray for you!!! I am so excited for you...congrats! I can't wait to see pics!

I'm blogging to avoid a freelance project I still have gobs to do's due tomorrow and it's been sitting on my desk ALL WEEK LONG. Yes, my friend, I KNOW procrastination!

If it's any consolation, I've never had a "nursery" ready. No doubt you'll pull it all together! :)

Jessica said...

Good luck. Just reading the word "c-section" causes me to hyperventilate. Love the name. Can't wait for you to have a baby girl to love on!