Friday, February 19, 2010


I am currently avoiding the rest of the tasks on my list for today. None of them are especially unpleasant, and some of them are downright enjoyable, but alas, my blood pressure is rising, and I feel the need to delay.
So I will share with you, with words, the two amusing and totally picture worthy snapshots of my day. Sorry no pictures today, folks. You'll have to use your fine imaginations.

First, the boys were playing in the backyard. I had rolled the windows in my car down in the front yard. Jacob had also previously scooted his cozy coupe out to the front porch. I hear yells of distress from Cooper, and I ran as they were coming from the front yard, the escapees. I ran out to see that Jacob had given Cooper a boost with his car, to help him try to climb into my car via the window. No Dukes of Hazard here, please! Unfortunately for Cooper, Jacob had left him in his need, and was hanging from the window. The amusing part is that Cooper's pants and such were creeping down so low that he could have been the poster child for "Crack Kills".

Second, the charming children escaped to the front again, unbeknownst to me. I walk bythe door, wondering why it's left open, and at the same time, wondering why I didn't leave it open because it feels so fantastic out today. Earlier, Jacob had run to the street, stopped, and pointed with murmurs of "I know I shouldn't". I informed him that the street was for cars, not little boys who still sucked on pacifiers. So when I found the door open, I expected to see Cooper diggin up my tomato bush that I have never gotten to, but no! Jacob has pushed his cozy coupe into the street, (has been there for who knows how long) and when he sees me, he proceeds to run his car down the hill. Yay! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to Josie-Grossie-run fast enough to get him. It was cute, and I am sure that anyone would have seen him and not run over him. It was still very hard not to laugh while scolding him.

Now, back to baking and taming my mane.

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