Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I really and truly wish that I had something to blog about. However, I find that my life is pretty unexciting right now. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting that we are having a baby soon. Otherwise, Jacob's escapades are about the most compelling thing around here, next to cereal being stuck to the floor, which was probably caused by said child.

The highlights:
*I fell flat on my stomach yesterday, slicing my hand open at the same time.
Just evidence that 1) The human body is designed to protect a developing child, 2) I should have promptly replaced the huge box of bandaids that Jacob threw into the toilet, and 3) No matter if I have blood dripping from my hand, Cooper will still cry about his orange not getting peeled. ( I did empty 6 storage bins of baby clothes, the actual highlight! That's what I was working on when I got up to save Cooper from Jacob, who was whacking him in the head with a folding chair)

*Collin returns from his trip two weeks early. Thus giving me a break from putting the kids into bed. Actually I prefer bedtime. If I had a choice, I would scrap the morning routine all together if I could. I just cannot get enough sleep. And it's not like the male people in my house leave me any hot water in the morning. I would also put Sam on the bus if it didn't come before he even wakes up. I would also let him buy a lunch every day, if he would eat it. That would make life much easier. Not that it is that hard, I just really like it when Collin feeds the kids in the morning. I really shouldn't complain, though I do. I have such wonderful people in my life, enough to make up for any disappointments that may come. So thanks for being so great!

*I have been enjoying a BBC movie marathon. Really if you have not had the pleasure of watching any of the Elizabeth Gaskell movies, you should. Such bliss. If you like that kind of stuff. I am not really sure why I am not watching the last one right now, in fact. Maybe because Jacob turns the TV off every five seconds.

*I realized this week that my children (some of them, okay, just Sam) comprehend my sarcasm, which makes me feel like a bad mom. But at least they know how to detect it, I guess. Well, I have far too many other flaws to worry about, so I will consider that spilled milk.

*Sam can carry a tune. A new and exciting development in our house. I am determined to start now to teach him the primary songs for this year. That and to not act like a monkey when standing in front of the congregation performing with the Primary. I am sure some of you have witnessed his skills. While I love making people laugh, that is just embarrassing. Especially when they are 7. So the bribery begins. Candy motivates. The only reason I memorized the scriptures in seminary was to get candy. (It's the childhood greed that I still have not outgrown.) Hopefully he will even have a cavity to show for it. In fact, I may request a silver crown with a music note punched out. Then he will always remember his hard work.


J said...

:) You always make me smile...and laugh! Glad you're doing well and my hat's off to you going solo...happy for you that your man will be returning soon!

Amy Cederquist said...

Sam was hilarious on Sunday. We were doing favorite songs, and another kid chose Book of Mormon Stories, and that was his favorite and he got upset when I told him to pick another one since we just finished singing it.

Stacey said...

Hang in there, and you are going to look back at this and be glad you posted! The time will come when your oldest is married, your next one is now a US Sailor, and then you still have some in the house! Days go by too fast! Enjoy. I will be checking in on you! You will bring back my happy memories!

Smooshiepie said...

OUCH! Be careful, woman! I never actually fell while I was pregnant, but I remember tripping an awful lot. Something with not being able to see my own feet, I guess. Though because of weight displacement due to my gigantic placenta, my center of gravity was divine. I bowled like a champion every time I had a bun in the oven. Is that weird?

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Great post! Your kids sound just as fun as their mom. Should I have sympathy for you or continue to laugh? I haven't forgotten yet what it's like to be pregnant the last two months, so with that I will be sympathetic!