Monday, January 11, 2010

Ventures through space... for the geeks.

I don't know if you can see the fine detail in this picture or not, but that is Jango Fett attempting to assassinate Anakin Skywalker:

Collin was playing with the boys whilst I was napping, and this is the result: The Millenium Falcon Photo Shoot. They took tons of pictures, but I will spare you, for the most part. And I get a big fat F for not taking pictures of my kiddos as of late. And probably for letting Jacob sit on the floor with a dry erase marker while I do this. He is probably coloring his pants.

Jacob controls the sounds. It's the only thing the older boys will allow.

As you can see, Luke is sunbathing, while flying through space. It's amazing.

Point being this: Did my 7 and 3 year old think to do this all alone? Doubtful. I think Collin had just as much fun as they did. Santa sure is good at picking gifts the whole family will love!
(That nap shouldn't even count toward my tally.)

By the way! The Star Wars Imagination exhibit is coming to Huntsville in June!


J said...

Two things:

1. thanks a lot for posting that link. the husband saw it and wants to go.

2. he says if collin decides to take the boys, he and little man are all over it! (they'd like to go.)

Elizabeth said...

Brandon can't wait for the Star Wars event, and he's drooling over the Millenium Falcon, wishing he had boys.

Steve and Jen said...

i love it! And totally miss you guys! And what a sweet gift?! Steve would have been all over that... and we don't even have kids yet! :)

Manda Mae said...

glad you got a nap in! and the star wars photo shoot is HILARIOUS! Hey, whatever keeps the boys happy so mamma can sleep... EVEN DRY ERASE MARKERS... are okay by me! great post!