Monday, November 9, 2009

No, Sam, You Can't Have Sideburns.

Samuel occasionally wants a certain hairstyle. "I wanna spike it in the front", or "This part is too pokey looking." Usually he wants whatever will get him off the dreaded chair the fastest. "I want my hair long on top", "I want it long in the back", or as he professed on Saturday,
"I want sideburns."

You may not be able to glimpse his chops all that great, but there they are. He turned 7, by the way. Which is weird! Happy Birthday to him! He received some great gifts, his favorite being this bow and arrow. Thanks Ryan and Neisha!

He thinks he is Robin Hood now. It's really fun, and he is very generous with his turns. He was looking for a bear to shoot on Saturday. I assured him that his best bet would be a squirrel, and that he should just stick with the paper target, since I am not ready for him to hunt, and am not really confident that he could choose appropriate living targets.


Manda Mae said...

or are you not confident in your squirrel cooking abilities??? I can imagine cooking rodent could become very intimidating! I'm sure you could find a nice dish in your trusy better homes and gardens cookbook...????

and LOVE the sideburns! Lucas' hair usually gets done while i am driving... (one hand rubbing mouse into his hair and eyes on the road... TALK ABOUT MAKING A CREATION!)

J said...

Hee hee're too funny! I'm thinking Manda Mae has it just aren't so confident in your ability to saute a squirrel! :)

I've missed you! Glad to read a post.

Christina said...

What do you have against side burns, Amanda? I think Sam would look lovely with them. Even better? A mullet or a tail (remember those?). I hear squirrel stew is delicious, but don't take my word on it.