Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Happenings

You may not think that a bath is noteworthy, but I have not been able to get a picture of this kid in a clean state in a while. He absolutely hates the bath! Do any of your kids act like you are torturing them in the bath? It drives me crazy, and I have been a lazy mom, maybe even horrible, about giving baths this summer. That will end soon.

Horrible Mommy Scenario 2: This is what happens when you lay in bed like you are oblivious to the world around you. It was very cute. Sam got Jacob out of bed, fixed breakfast for all three of them. Of course he was serving cereal, and that is fantastic, but I think he poured an entire quart of milk on Cooper's cereal alone. Thank you Sam.

Ah, yes. Well, Collin uncovered a hive of yellow jackets that were out to get him. So this was his covert operations apparel. I thought it was a bit much, but then again, he didn't get stung by the bees that were desperately seeking him. Thanks for making our yard a safe place, Honey. And our kitchen a humorous one.

Super Cooper built a temple, and it has two Moroni's. I was just happy that he
1) built a structure, 2) called it a temple, and 3) knew Moroni goes on top.


Manda Mae said...

you are so clever when you write... and i laugh about the bath part because I was very precise with my #1, #2 every other day... and then #3 came along and well... as long as it gets done a few days before church... that'll do.. lol... but in all seriousness... if they have been in the pool... WHO NEEDS TO HAVE A BATH?!?!?! It's one less thing that has to be done before bed....THANKS FOR SHARING...!! Oh, and sometimes I lay in bed and have lucas make bfast for the little ones.... isn't it great having bigger children to take care of our shortcomings... LIKE WAKING UP IN THE MORNING 8-)

Christina said...

That explains why Collin looked like he'd been mugged when we saw him at church. I think the fact that Cooper is building Temples out of blocks is just another evidence of your fantastic parenting skills. p.s. Is it too early to teach my children to get their own breakfast?