Friday, May 16, 2008

New Kids On The Block-I Love Jordan!

The New Kids on the Block are back, apparently. I saw them with my own eyes on Today. I might add that NBC strings you along for an hour or so before they deliver what they keep promising is after the next break. I made Samuel wait to watch Sesame Street so that I could see what songs they would sing. I was never the always loyal fan, but I was an obsessive 11 year old. By 12, I was embarrassed, but that went away after I went to the concert. Then I was in love with Jordan Knight all over again.
It looked like Jon and Danny were still the second string in popularity, or at least their positioning on the stage seemed to show it, as well as their faces. The girls, I mean women, in the audience were acting like 13 year olds and it was great. I was waiting for someone to shove a phone number or a five dollar bill into their pockets, or worse. I guess that would have been less than acceptable at 8am on national television, as it should be at any time. I think I actually saw one of the boys push a hand away from touching them. Well, the new kids are back, but it is kind of funny to see men that are aged 36-39 doing the dance to The Right Stuff.

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B. Carter said...

Yes, I have to agree it was funny to see these "old" or "older" men dancing to The Right Stuff. But as a former 12 year old fan who also attended their concert, I just about screamed when I heard Joey crank out, "Please don't go girl." The even funnier thing was watching my 4 year old daughter and her 4 year old friend Robbie dancing along to the NKOTB concert on the Today show. LOL!