Friday, May 30, 2008

Bed Bugs

We have three bed bugs (the kid variety). We have been sleeping for the last six weeks with a cosleeper like this right in the middle of our queen size bed. Which affords each of the other occupants, mom and dad, about a shoulders width of room each. I settled for this after continuously getting up to pop in the pacifier. Well, I cleared the laundry mountain from my cedar chest and the baby now sleeps there (in the co sleeper), and will soon graduate to the crib. Jacob is taking his very first successful nap in the crib as I type.
So last night I find myself with all three kids in bed. Five people, even if one is very small, is too much, even for me. And it is not as cozy as this advertisement shows. However, I do recommend it. Especially for smaller babes like mine. We used it tons more with Cooper. He was so little for so long, and we took it everywhere.

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