Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I Failed to Mention...

I most certainly was so excited to see that moustache come off from my husband's face and I can't believe that I didn't share the before and after pics.
I would like to say some positive things before the memorial begins. First, it was a fun and very free hobby. Second, it was fun to have around for a little while, just not so long next year. Last, I will admit that we have wished he still had it for novel occasions, such as a Mario and Luigi birthday party.
Like here.
But it had to go. Something was wrong with our family picture. It was off balance.
The Problem.
The Confrontation.

The Compromise.


Manda Mae said...

the mario cake looks FABULOUS! you are too crafty for words my dear!

Griffiths said...

Amanda did you make that Mario cake?! It looks fantastic. Can I hire you to make one for my child for his 6th bday party? He loves Mario.

Nicole said...

Um, could this be THE Amanda? I saw your comment on my blog, but it was a little vague until I thought about it and followed up on you! OMG, what up my old friend?! You look well and your family is adorable! Hit me up on FB!