Friday, August 20, 2010

Update Overload

Well, I just updated the ole blog. And I posted about a million pictures, since I have been so neglectful! Hopefully I will find brains to actually write with soon, even though I think people like to just look at pictures. However, this is all about me, right?
Samuel has begun the 2nd grade. So far so good. Cooper is rather impatiently waiting for preschool to start, so that he can play on their playground. Jacob is still reigning master of destruction, having successfully ripped the part of my couch that is under the seat cushions. Zaida is rolling a little and chattering a little. It's awfully cute. I am loving my kids right now. Collin, aka, Mr. Pringle is still sporting his stache, btu now with wax. It's amazingly fake looking. And he loves it. I am still rooting for the disappearance of said stache! But I love you anyway honey! And I am ardently voiding housework, but that is nothing new!


Jessica said...

You have got to find a way to get rid of that stache! Go on a strike of some sort - laundry, cooking, sex - whatever it takes in my book! Collin, for the love of Pete, shave that thing!!

Manda Mae said...

ok... i have just gotten caught up with all that bloggin! and for the love.... how happy i am the "pet" is gone from the hubs face. As i type my children a making their own swimming pool in the bathroom via the shower..... but tonight i am done... i have offically quit for the day. You are a wonderful writer and i love ur posts! I hope you get that new house soon and the new pop n lock skills need to be used AT MY ZUMBA CLASS!!!! come shake it with me girlfriend!!! Love you... thanks for sharing!